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    Adding another License

    Hey there... I want to add another license to support my other domain name. Should I just buy the software package again? I have a license for font-journal Now I want to add one for fontjournal The fontjournal domain will simply resolve to the current font-journal domain website's database...
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    Changing the background-color of the .headerBar

    I might change the margins specified to padding though, so I can have a background color. There seem to be enough divs for it. Maybe I'll play with it later tonight using the green theme. ;)
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    Changing the background-color of the .headerBar

    Nevermind... I used the body and repeat-x for my background. Obviously the background image has to be the right height, but then it doesn't have white margins or run down the page, although I can't specify an appropriate background color there.
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    Changing the background-color of the .headerBar

    Hi guys... After getting my design changes overwritten because I used the blue theme I wised up a bit. Note that it was simply strong-headedness, but because I could not get the admin script to support a custom theme name that I had in place, and my custom theme was blue, I wound-up copying...
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    Honor the Distribution Wishes of the Designer

    We are plainly quite lucky to have freeware and free font artists, shareware and donationware designers... etc. But, when they ask us to keep the distribution archive of a family font together, the system will only display whatever font comes first alphabetically. I would rather that the...
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    When I update, I lose my look

    When I update, I lose my look. I use a custom theme, but the updates don't seem to care. I really don't like the stock theme, it's just blah. I had my own look, and I didn't even change the blah default much, but with every update I get boring back because no one honors my custom theme...
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    Default Public Profiles for Each Artist/Foundry

    Alright... So as an example, let's take pizzadude. Ray Larabie is also a good example, but I will use pizzadude as an example... pizzadude is listed in my font script site archive database as having 344 entries in my catalog. Now, all of his stuff is pretty much the same license, Free for...
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    Searching by the custom defined licenses

    Aside from editing a license, I would also like a user to be able to search by the license. Like, I would probably set-up my custom licenses list like this: Public Domain (Absolutely Free) Free (Free as long as autor/artist allows it) Freeware: Personal Use (OFL, GPL, Proprietary, etc.)...
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    Edit the Licences

    Hi. Love the script, its working out great. But, I still have an issue with how the licences are shown. For instance, Public Domain is not the same as GPL or OFL. In fact, putting something in the public domain strips you of ALL your rights to it. While it is done for the greater common...
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    Archive Image Preview

    When I distribute my fonts from the site, I like to include a couple of images. One graphic to preview the font (sort of a promotion jpeg image) and another screen grab of the complete character set (a png image). Of course, I zip them up and put them in the archive. When the font is...
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    some fonts not show font preview

    Darn, I wish I had the answer. There are only some fonts that didn't preview, but it has cut my fonts down to about 10,000+ (as opposed to 13,000+). And lately I uploaded about 10 fonts and only 1 previewed. I did notice that with any fonts I created, if I don't check "Unicode Letter Sets"...
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    Deleting the Spam

    OK... I only have the latest version too, but I upgraded from an older version. I went ahead and executed that query and have over 3,000 less pending spammy comments, now. Good deal. I'm not getting new spammers yet, so right now the captcha and spam measures seem to be working. Thanks...
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    Managing Fonts

    Now that we are requiring a Font Author (which is very good, I thank you for that), I am researching the fonts and looking for their author name, checking that the license is right, and adding the website link, if I can find it. But once I am done editing I return back to the Fonts List with a...
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    Deleting the Spam

    OK, but... before the upgrade there was no spam classification, right? I mean, how does anything get marked as spam? Rather than just marking it as spam I just delete it, otherwise the useless comments just make the database larger. So I think I need to... DELETE FROM `font_comment` WHERE...
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    Editting/Adding a License

    1) I know this sounds trivial, but I would still like to do it. Can I edit the "Free" license to say "Freeware", because it isn't free of Copyright and that sticks in the craw of artist's butts like me... it's not free, it's freely available as long as the Copyright is maintained. 2) I would...