Managing Fonts

Now that we are requiring a Font Author (which is very good, I thank you for that), I am researching the fonts and looking for their author name, checking that the license is right, and adding the website link, if I can find it. But once I am done editing I return back to the Fonts List with a verification message saying that the edit was successful.

The thing is that I would like to return on the page where I had just left off editing (same filter and same page as I had been on before I edited a certain font) so that I could just go on to the next one without inputting my filter (if any) and finding the page all over again.

It seems like a minor thing, but in terms of convenience in managing it all, it would really speed things up.

By the way, I like that the author's blank can't be blank. That way if anyone enters unknown, it is a red flag, and as the ones already in the database have no author (instead of unknown) they are easy to spot. That works well.

Thank you!