Changing the background-color of the .headerBar

Hi guys...

After getting my design changes overwritten because I used the blue theme I wised up a bit.

Note that it was simply strong-headedness, but because I could not get the admin script to support a custom theme name that I had in place, and my custom theme was blue, I wound-up copying everything to the themes/blue directory and when I updated, it was all overwritten (a few times). I have finally conceded and am using orange as my theme name, even though my theme is sort-of a two-toned blue tinted brushed aluminum.

Anyways, I have finally put the 'orange' theme to work and using that directory for my theme, but when I try to stipulate styles for the headerBar class, I see it has some margin issues and the background color or image does not fill the header, as I would like.

Example of my CSS:

.headerBar {
background-color: #4096EE;
background-image: url("../images/brushed-metal_seamless-6a_bluetint_200x125.jpg");
background-repeat: repeat;

So, I need to find the right div class or ID to just change the top header area that includes the top logo, the right floated advert, and goes from top to the .toolbarContainer div, and left edge to right edge (including spanning all paddings and margins).

Can anyone clue me in on the Div or ID I need to do this? Or do I have to change the .mainPageContainer background and then specify a color for the background of all the other divs? Heck, that still looks pretty funky.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!