Default Public Profiles for Each Artist/Foundry


So as an example, let's take pizzadude. Ray Larabie is also a good example, but I will use pizzadude as an example...

pizzadude is listed in my font script site archive database as having 344 entries in my catalog. Now, all of his stuff is pretty much the same license, Free for Personal Use. You can get a Commercial License, of course. But pizzadude's website isn't listed on any of his 344 entries. So then, updating pizzadude's website address would take a few days. UNLESS we had a default website address, profile address & blog address for pizzadude.

That way, we can have a default background info on each artist/foundry, if we want to do the research. Personally, I think that would be great. Plus then, each artist/foundry could have a default license. Not all his fonts would have to be the same license, the font could over-write which license to use.

Artists who log in could even update their own default info and keep it up to date.

Whatcha think? ;)

Thanks! -Doug