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Hey Adam. I just got back to post here and found out that my user cant post or reply anywhere in the forums. Why is that?
anyone have test in yetishare v4.5.3 mediaplaye plugin?.not playing video in jwplayer 7 as it was on v 4.4 ?? for me its not
Why my website is showing : - [ 400 Bad Request
Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. ] also i clear the Cookies ..still same problem i am facing .. experts please Help
e can't upload files that are larger than 2GB (they are loaded and stay in the ~ / script_path / files / _tmp folder, and don’t move to the user’s directory) we tried and apache2 + mod_php and nginx + php-fpm, we configured the parameters on the server that affect downloads according to the documentation, tried both local and remote storage for files (remote direct and ftp). Tell me please what can be wrong?