Edit the Licences


Love the script, its working out great. But, I still have an issue with how the licences are shown. For instance, Public Domain is not the same as GPL or OFL. In fact, putting something in the public domain strips you of ALL your rights to it. While it is done for the greater common good, a GPL or OFL retains a license. PD does not. It is everyone's and although the original owner may have had a Copyright, it cannot be enforced. Sometimes, putting something in the Public Domain winds up stripping it of its origins, and the original Copyright has no say in how the public uses it once it is there. It is a very specific thing completely void of any license.

Also, a free font is different than a freeware font. That one is a little harder to explain, but before the internet was this big thing it is now, everyone was showing off fonts and graphics at Compuserve. These fonts wound-up archived and distributed, but maintained their free status without any licensing text. The Copyright often shows in the font editor, or is documented elsewhere on the web, but it remains a free font, outside of the public domain.

A freeware font is the same as freeware software, usually has a license in a readme or license text file, and may indicate that it can or can't be used for commercial purposes, may or may not be redistributable, and the author might or might not allow derivatives of certain natures (conversions or whole new fonts based on that one). But that license is not always a GPL or OFL.

Ray Larabie calls his fonts free, but they are more in the line of freeware, not under a GPL or OFL license, but under his own company's. I actually have my own brand of freeware and shareware licences, myself.

A Free font is supposed to be free for everyone, personal or commercial. But, a Freeware font has a specific license attached to it. In fact, much freeware is actually free only for personal use and then requires a license obtained if used commercially.

Anyway, the way the font licenses are is very disturbing for me, as a Font Designer, as an artist, as someone familiar with Copyrights. So, I would like the ability to sort all that out. Public Domain has NO BUSINESS being stuck in with GPL and OFL. No business at all. It's deceptive and wrong.