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    Referral Plugin

    It would be great to have an option to allow members to share links with friends / family and get an increase of storage space as a reward. Word of mouth and user promotion is key in building sucessful sites. Example: Free user or paid user starts with 20GB of storage, sends out links to...
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    5.x Performance Boost w/code

    UPDATED 5/2: Recently spent some time try looking at ways to improve page load time. Identified an easy win that cuts the page load time in half for files that are shared (Unlogged In Visitors). Since visitors viewing a shared file dont have the ability to upload (Without Modification) it...
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    Hotlink Protection

    Are you referring to "direct links" via the sharing code like or clicking on the "Download" button?
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    Plugin: Media Converter & MP4 Options

    Likewise, posting. This is for version 5.3 but should work for other versions with some tweaking. sudo vi /var/www/html/plugins/mediaconverter/tasks/process_converter_queue.cron.php Line 467 if ($file['extension'] != 'mp4' && $pluginSettingsArr['output_type'] == 'mp4') {...
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    Make it an option to block TOR Browser

    Note: The below will prevent any TOR IP from accessing your site or accessing any files linked or hosted by your site. Daily updated TOR Exit IP List here: Write the output of that into /etc/nginx/tor-ip.conf...
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    Redirect successful login

    Gotcha. Yeah I believe the Multifactor Authentication is for the more recent releases ( Last few minor releases I believe )so not sure if that would be applicable to you. Yeah, I'd recommend renewing your support so you can link your account and so Adam can give you a hand.
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    Redirect successful login

    I know you mentioned not a caching issue but have you done: Site Configuration >> System Tools >> Purge Cache >> Purge Now ? Also there are may instances of "redirectUrl" in the AccountSecurityController.class.php file. Some are used with and without M2FA. Be sure your editing the correct...
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    shortUrl error

    I had the same issue and opened a ticket. Navigate to Site Configuration >> System Tools >> Database Browser >> Execute SQL: ALTER TABLE `file` CHANGE `shortUrl` `shortUrl` varchar(255) COLLATE 'utf8_bin' NULL AFTER `originalFilename`; Cheers
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    Dark Mode Switch!

    I spent quite a bit of time on this myself and have coded user selectable toggles before. That method has been superseded by using the "prefers-color-scheme: dark" method. It will detect the users system preferences and automatically present the site in the users preferred mode (Light or...
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    Plugin: Media Converter & MP4 Options

    Been using this for some time and it works great, though I have a couple suggestions for efficiency. I think there should be separate set of settings for files if the uploaded source file is MP4 and the Media Plugins >> Conversion Options >> Converted Output = MP4 Currently, there is no way to...
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    Links: Add "Direct Link" Option

    With Version 5.1 the option to highlight multiple files and then select "Links" offers: "File URLs", "HTML Code" and "Forum BBCode". Request to add that if "Allow Direct File Links" option is enabled for the "File Previewer Settings", that a "Direct Link" tab is an included option when "Links"...