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Jul 17, 2020
It would be great to have an option to allow members to share links with friends / family and get an increase of storage space as a reward. Word of mouth and user promotion is key in building sucessful sites.

Example: Free user or paid user starts with 20GB of storage, sends out links to friends & family. For each person who creates an account using the link, the original user gets 1GB additional space up to say 10GB additional (Prefer this limit to be Admin configurable). Would be nice to have a status page where you can see the originating user, the new user, etc and be able to approve / decline the storage increase (To prevent abuse) as well as send email as such. Just some ideas.

Not sure if this would be a new plugin, a modification to an existing plugin (Rewards Program PPS-PPD) or made part of the main script itself.

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