Plugin: Media Converter & MP4 Options


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Jul 17, 2020
Been using this for some time and it works great, though I have a couple suggestions for efficiency. I think there should be separate set of settings for files if the uploaded source file is MP4 and the Media Plugins >> Conversion Options >> Converted Output = MP4

Currently, there is no way to simply "Capture a Screen Shot" from an uploaded MP4 without converting it to MP4 again. Also, there is no logic to check an uploaded MP4 file has the "FastStart" flag to enable streaming & seeking. Ideally there would be some logic to check if 1. Do you want to re-encoded MP4s to MP4. If Yes nothing changes, If No, check if FastStart is enabled, If No then have an option to add it to the original file to allowing streaming / seeking.

Hope this makes sense, thanks!