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    looking for yetishare coder

    I do not use skype
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    Nginx: X-Accel-Redirect not working after update Yetishare 4.1

    X-Accel-Redirect setting has changed from the global settings to the file server settings, so you need to update the file server settings to enable/disable it
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    looking for yetishare coder

    What you need?
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    Paypal issue on new version 4.1

    The code shown above is from the top of _pay.php file. Send me your IP address and I'll remove it from the list of banned IPs, was a different IP that you joined with and one that was caught about 9 months ago by the stop forums spam plugin I have installed. Never mind I found and removed your...
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    Paypal issue on new version 4.1

    It already does a check for logged in users if (!isset($_REQUEST['user_level_pricing_id'])) { coreFunctions::redirect(WEB_ROOT . '/index.html'); } // require login if (!isset($_REQUEST['i'])) { $Auth->requireUser(WEB_ROOT.'/login.'.SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION); // The check...
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    PaySafeCard, G2aPay, PaymentWall & Micropayment don't accept filehost anymore!

    PayPal require unrestricted access to your admin area to periodically check to illegal files, if they find any they will block your PayPal account.
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    (YetiShare) Multi SMTP server function

    Why would this be required?
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    Plugin Error

    Submit a support ticket and I'll have a look
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    Template Error [4.0.1]

    If MFScripts was the same size as Microsoft then yes, we would be able to support multiple versions of the script, but as it is, MFScripts consists of Adam, Myself, Simon N, and our Accounts Lady. We simply do not have the resources available to maintain multiple versions of the script with the...
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    not working update to 4.1

    Make sure that you have the following file: /core/includes/themeHelper.class.php
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    Template Error [4.0.1]

    v4.0.1 will not be receiving any updates, all updates and fixes are in v4.1
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    Template Error [4.0.1]
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    not working update to 4.1

    Have you tried repairing the sessions table or even truncating the table to delete all data?
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    not working update to 4.1

    v4.1 beta :roll:
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    Yeti share update

    Do you not visit the main website? Maybe you should do ;)