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    invite another image hosting script user to share gallery with him/her

    I would like to have ability to "invite" via his/her username or email another user to share my albums since current options are: Public limited - which is not really limited - see my post here: Public - which is OK for some situations Private...
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    generate proper hashed folder URL for public sharing

    I want to have for next release generated hashed folder URL for public sharing. If trying: ... He or she will eventually get access to all the publicly available folders (albums). I suggest that every time you...
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    replace username with email

    I'd like to have removed username and have it replaced with email address as I noticed a lot of ppl just can't remember their account username and I keep getting emails from them.
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    2 step registration confirmation

    yes this would help decrease number of ppl registering with fake email addresses - if the email is not confirmed within like 72 hours the account will be deleted automatically
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    add registered (free) user class

    we've been waiting for this for quite some time. Hopefully it will arrive soon.
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    3.4 release

    any changelog?
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    encrypting files

    ok, but OP still has a point.
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    More Control on Users / resume-able downloads

    a few of asked for a simplified version some time ago: hopefully at some point it will be added
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    add registered (free) user class

    and now somebody asked for even more advanced version of it: Adam, could you please implement it as a plugin? It would be really nice to have such feature. If it's not viable to have it as a plugin, please increase the year renewal (support)...
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    encrypting files

    I think it's basically same thing as been requested (or offered?) here: I think the only viable option here is megaupload-like which means encrypt the files via JavaScript (is it JS?) in client's browser and provide him with a private key.
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    File Crypt Module

    Could you please be more specific what would it do? Something like megaupload does? Client side file encryption before it's even uploaded?
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    video plugin test

    That's a weird one, I have no plugins installed at all... Anyway the YouTube video playing the video inside your site is hardcore geek lol :D I will just wait for Adam what he will say on the v3.3 upgrade (the other topic) and will probably give it a try... Thanks for your help! Btw. Why do...
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    video plugin test

    I honestly don't think that's the issue - my Internet is fine even towards your server located in Canada (which is not around the corner :) : Test site: (OVH network, Canada) For the EU it's even better: Test site: (OVH network, France...
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    video plugin test

    Thanks now it works great! Btw. Why did you have the plugin disabled does it cause trouble? Though your fast server did not solve my problem - I still experience problems when I use Chrome for playback (I tried versions 24 and 27 - latest). The video starts playing and then stops (randomly -...
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    Bitcoin Pay

    I just wanted to double check before I jump in...