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    E-mails Status

    I would suggest you use, they offer 12k free sends per month which is more then enough for a lot of websites and you can also check the emails which has been sent and also the content of it, just sign up with them and you would get an smtp account which you can add to your...
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    Download history

    There is already a feature which shows the IP addresses which logged in to the account in past 30 days, using that information you can make a simple cron to block the users who login to the account from different IP addresses a lot Parham
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    File Leech Problem

    Hi Try this ls /usr/bin/plowdown Does it return anything?
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    HTTPS (SSL) Configuration

    Hi Some of us might want to use https instead of http on our website, this is currently partially done by changing the _config file but the problem is what if we don't want out file servers to be secured by https, currently when you change the _config file it would try to upload files to the...
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    Premium users cant download at full speed

    This is probably a miss-configuration in the web server you are using or maybe even php if you are serving downloads with php, provide more information about your setup
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    Change to Deleting process

    Hi Currently the deleting process of a file is sort of weird I would say for someone who has multiple TB of data and maybe want to remove 100s of files in one go, it take far to long because of how it works. I think a better way to do this would be changing the process so when a file is...
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    Sharing all of the user files

    Hi As much as I'm aware it is possible to share a folder in user account if they want to, but what it they want to share the whole "Your Uploads" thing, I couldn't find such an option so if possible please add it in next version Regards Parham
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    Acknowledge user regarding deleted files

    Hi It would be really good if in "My Account" area users could choose if they wanted to get notified regarding the deleted files, so if they check that they would be getting an email on daily basis with the name and the link of the files which has been removed (A lot of uploaders use this...
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    Account Lock (Security)

    Hi It would be really good if users could have an option to lock their account so their password or the email address and etc couldn't be changed except they verify that by an email (so they would get and email and when they click on the link it would either unlock the account so they can make...
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    Rewards Plugin

    Hi I don't think I mentioned these three before so here it is 1- In the admin area right where it says "Actions" there should be option to "Cancel" (maybe they gave the wrong information so you can't make the payment and you want to cancel it so the money would go back to user account) 2- 1-...
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    FTP Storage server wont work, Need urgent due to limited storage

    Try this to make sure your FTP is working fine I think the issue is on your FTP server side
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    Changes to FTP plugin

    Hi I was playing around with the FTP plugin and I found something which I think has to be changed NOTE - I haven't played around with the cPanel one so this is for proftpd The script need to let the user choose the path that the directories for each user would be made and the files are...
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    User Cloudflare for location detection

    Hi Base on my understanding the script itself has some kind of database which use that to decide which country the IP address belongs to, if you could add an option so the script would use cloud flare (Of course if the cloud flare is enabled for that website) to do that part it would be great...
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    Rewards Program Plugin - Pay Once Per Day

    Hi In the rewards plugin if you could add an option so each IP can only be counted once it would be great, I know that there is an option called "Max Limit By IP" but that wouldn't work, I want a single IP to be counted only once and that shouldn't matter how much the earning is Note - As the...