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    Redirect successful login

    Thanks Derek. I have an older version of Yetishare - purge cache isn't an option in the system tools. But I did purge the server cache. Waiting, maybe takes some time to work. I will look at that file. Just a little puzzled because changing the redirect on logout.html was instant, worked...
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    Redirect successful login

    // successful login coreFunctions::redirect(WEB_ROOT . '/search.' . SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION); I tried this and still won't redirect successful login directly to the search page. Still looking for a solution. Must be a simple fix.
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    Redirect successful login

    Hi, I changed the successful login to go to /search.html instead of account_home.html // successful login coreFunctions::redirect(coreFunctions::getCoreSitePath() . '/search.' . SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION); } However it still redirects to the account_home page. Not a...
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    Internal Notifications

    Yes. Please add.
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    Remove file type in file name

    I hope someone can point me to where in the code I can remove the file type from showing in the file name? Thanks in advance. DD
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    Upgrade from 4.5.3 to 4.5.4

    I'm wondering the same. Also where to find the .zip file to upgrade. I have customizations so just will replace selected folders.
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    Discount Code

    Hi. I'd like to get this done by someone who knows what they are doing. Willing to pay. Can you contact me through [email protected]? Cost and time to do. Just want a simple place on upgrade page where those purchasing can enter a code and get a discount.
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    Set all files back to one type

    What is the easiest way to set all files back to one paywall. Example: Set all files as Paid? Go into the server database or is there an easier way?
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    Complete remove deleted files from file manager

    Which database would you empty or edit? I do wish that you could select deleted files and then just delete forever.
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    Discount Code

    ddexter. Interested. Do you have a screenshot or two or a URL I can visit to see how it works? Thanks, David
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    Discount Code

    I have the script up and running with some basic customizations. I'd like a very simple solution for adding a discount code for payments through Stripe or Paypal. User puts in the code, clicks to pay and the price is adjusted X%. That's all I need. In admin you set up the discount code...
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    Setting up Stripe

    I see in the plugin, reference to subscriptions taken down. So basically the plugin is only good for standard payments.
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    Saved files are duplicated and added to main directory

    Is this a glitch or am I missing some setting? When registered users save a file, it is added to their file directory as a duplicate, upload. It has a new, unique URL. It also is added to the main public directory. How do I stop this. I'd like the file to be saved to a user's File Manager...
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    Setting up Stripe

    Yes. Can't get subscriptions working and don't know what to do. Set up correctly on Stripe and stripe checks there is a good balance for the subscription but nothing happens for renewal.
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    Setting up Stripe

    ok, webhook working. But developer says subscriptions has a problem in the Stripe plugin. Stripe can't find the customer so won't charge subscription. Sent a notification that there is sufficient balance but that is all.