YetiShare v4.0 Final Now Available!


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Dec 5, 2009
Hi all,

We've today officially released v4.0 of YetiShare, our file hosting script. It includes many new features including a new responsive theme, optimized for mobile and tablet, background uploading, RTL support, fast ajax file manager, X-SendFile support, plugin updates, performance improvements and lots more.

See below for the full list of changes or go straight to the demo site here:
(user: admin, pass: password)

If you're still within your 12 months support period, you're illegible for the free upgrade from our site. Just login via and you can use the existing download link to access the update.

How to Upgrade:

To upgrade your existing install, upload the /install/ folder and see the 'Perform an Upgrade to an existing install' option or 'Upgrade from v3.x to v4.0' if you're on v3.x. As with any changes, make sure you backup your existing code and database first. Note: Unfortunately we can't manage any custom changes you've made so you'll need to manually re-apply these.

If you're prefer us to arrange the upgrade we can do this for an upgrade fee of $39.00. We'll ensure the upgrade is configured on your site along with your original data. We can't retain any code or style changes you've made unfortunately.

Feel free to drop us an email on [email protected] if you have any questions.

Core Changes:

- New 'Flow' Theme:
--- Responsive - Mobile, tablet and desktop versions included.
--- Built in uploader instead of going to the homepage to upload.
--- Minimise uploader popup during upload. Continue to use your account, browse & download files etc, while uploads are being processed in the background.
--- Written with Bootstrap v3.
--- Full support for RTL languages.
--- List view column headers with total downloads shown.
--- Add/edit file in ajax popup.
--- Add/edit folder in ajax popup.
--- Send file via email tab on file info popup.
--- User can upload an avatar.
--- Account settings page with overall stats shown. Available storage, used storage, active files and total downloads.
--- Account notification widget for alerts on to users. i.e. premium expiry, offers etc.
--- Single click on download links to highlight and copy.
--- Filter by uploaded date range option.
--- Filter in current folder or all folders option.
--- File manager, added direct link to download file. Avoids the preview page if using media player, image and document viewer plugins.
--- Option to download all files in a folder within the file manager as a zip archive.
--- Delete keyboard key shortcut added to file manager, delete files.
- Blue V2 Theme:
--- Responsive - Mobile, tablet and desktop versions added.
--- File manager, added direct link to download file. Avoids the preview page if using media player, image and document viewer plugins.
--- Option to download all files in a folder within the file manager as a zip archive.
- Admin Area:
--- Responsive - Mobile, tablet and desktop versions added.
--- Add links to plugin settings in admin, site settings.
--- Admin configuration option to adjust the time to keep files in /files/_deleted/. Set to 24 hours by default.
--- Set file as premium only via the admin area. Also restrict by other account levels, i.e. only registered users, moderator or admin users.
--- Added option to set upload server for a specific user in admin, edit user. Useful for testing new file servers without disrupting other users.
--- Disabled mod security in admin area if available. Solves some issues with updating site settings or setting advert code.
--- Admin area edit file popup. Edit filename, owner, short url, access password, mime type and admin file notes.
--- Admin add/edit user. Set default paid expiry date to 1 year when creating a paid user. Avoids issues with automatic account downgrades if no date set.
--- Set HTML header and footer on emails. Enabled by default.
--- Admin option to set text direction when adding a new language for template (RTL or LTR).
--- Admin CLI script to sanity check file storage on main server and external file servers. Checks stored files exist as active entries in the database and removes files which shouldn't be there. Script located in /admin/_test_scripts/
--- Admin area manage file action queue. View raw file deletes and moves. Cancel actions and trigger the cron script to process pending actions.
--- Admin area updated to use new cross server session management.
--- Fixed admin option to scan for new text translations.
- Core Code:
--- Better management of templates within the codebase. Template html files now moved into /themes/ along with the css, js etc.
--- New template management pages in the admin area. Upload template zip package, view template details, preview, activate etc.
--- On upload, if file already exists in folder, rename to (2), (3) etc. Blocked renaming of files with the same name within the same folder.
--- File action queue for managing deletes, moves etc.
--- Huge improvement on cross server session management. User session transfered to external file servers as needed, per server, rather than via the homepage for all servers. Performance increase as a result.
--- Added support for X-SendFile to improve performance on downloading with Apache. Option to enable in admin area.
--- Added support for X-Accel-Redirect to improve performance on downloading with Nginx. Option to enable in admin area.
--- Cloudflare support for increased site performance and load times.
--- Increased upload chunk size from 5MB to 100MB to improve upload speed.
--- Change to file delete process on local or direct file storage. Files are now moved into /files/_deleted/ for 24 hours, then removed automatically. Allows for recovery time if needed.
--- Full support for IPv6.
--- Fix to send utf-8 encoded email when using PHP mail() sending method.
--- Fix to clearing of cross site session transfer tokens.
--- Fixed intermittent block size issue when using mcrypt on the download pages.
--- Fixed bug with deleteRedundantFiles() not working as expected on direct file servers.
--- Decoded filenames when using remote file download.
- Security:
--- Huge improvement on storage method for passwords. Now using SHA256 with key stretching via PBKDF2. Existing passwords converted on login.
--- Option to block IP address for 24 hours after x failed logins. (default 5 attempts)
--- Option to send email notification to user when their account email address or password is changed.
--- Account login IP and country history logged for the last month. Viewable via manage users in the admin area.
--- Total login stats within last month, including from different IPs and countries shown by user. Helps reduce account sharing.
--- Ability to set list of email domains to block from registration.
--- Set banned ip expiry date to ban for limited time.
--- Option to ban ip address from logging in.
--- Fixed issues with blocking account sharing. Users will be logged out of their account if another person logs into it. Option in admin area.
--- Minor bug fixes and general performance improvements.
- Cron Tasks: (new in v4.0)
--- Auto prune cron task to clear old database data for better performance.
--- Moved previous executeBatchTasks() on the index page into cron task (delete redundant files and downgrade accounts).
--- Generate internal notifications cron when account due to expire.

New Plugins: (see for pricing)

- File Leech
- File Import Plugin - Scans for files to import into your account, retaining the folder structure. (free plugin)
- Stripe Payment Gateway

Plugin Changes:

- Media Player:
--- Added support for subtitles when using JWPlayer. Auto loaded when subtitle file named the same as video file. Multiple languages supported. Supports srt, vtt, xml, dfxp.
--- Support for responsive templates in JWPlayer on video playback.
--- Preview of video/audio embedded into 'Flow' file manager on file details popup.
--- Added video screenshot to JWPlayer if available. (via media converter plugin)
--- Fixed issue with video not showing correctly on https.
--- Opengraph preview icon added so icon shows when posting to Facebook. Screenshot is also used if created via the media converter.
- Media Converter:
--- Added support for video conversion to webm.
--- Added framerate option to convert.php to speed up conversions. Default set to 30fps.
--- Added guidelines on how to install ffmpeg with
--- View current converter queue stats and queue items via converter plugin page.
--- Cancel or redo a conversion via admin area plugin.
--- Automatically fail any conversions which have been in processing stats for more than 1 day. Resolves occasional timeout issues.
--- Cancellation of any pending conversions if file deleted.
--- Improved storage of screenshots. Moved into global cache folder in core.
--- Auto removal of any cache (screenshots) on deletion of media.
- Image Viewer:
--- Capture of EXIF data on upload and displayed in the 'Flow' theme image popup, in the file manager.
--- Larger image preview added to 'Flow' file manager on file details popup.
--- Admin option to show a direct link to the image for users. Images can be directly hot-linked, if the option is enabled.
--- Support for responsive templates on image preview.
--- Opengraph preview image added so thumbnail shows when posting to Facebook.
--- Auto removal of any image cache on deletion of media.
--- Improved storage of resized images and thumbnails. Moved into global cache folder in core.
- Document Viewer:
--- Preview of document embedded into 'Flow' file manager on file details popup.
--- Opengraph preview icon added so document icon shows when posting to Facebook.
- FTP Upload:
--- Added support for ProFTPD. Runs in virtual mode using the main database. Need access to server to configure.
--- Staggered each upload 1 at a time rather than all at once to improve performance on large volume uploads.
--- Added link to FTP upload tab to recheck for pending transfers.
- Rewards:
--- Added download complete log for NGINX users. PPD downloads are only logged when a download is entirely downloaded when using X-Accel-Redirect. Included in the plugin at no extra cost.
--- Added PPD groups by filesize. Set payment rate based on filesize aswell as country.
--- Added total paid figure on customer account rewards page.
--- Add option to set other outpayment methods for withdrawals. i.e. bank transfer, cheque. Easily add new ones like bitcoin, stripe etc.
--- Option to set maximum total daily earnings by downloader IP.
--- Option to set maximum total daily earnings by file.
--- Option to set maximum total daily earnings by file owner/user.
--- Link in admin, 'payment requests' page to pay outpayment via PayPal. Auto-fills the amount, description, currency, users PayPal email address etc.
- File Leech:
--- Added percentage progress indicator onscreen when leeching, same as remote url download.

Technical Support - YetiShare
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