YetiShare - Plugin Updates


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Dec 5, 2009
Hi all,

We've just released updates to some of the plugins we offer with Yetishare, along with a newly released plugin:

  • Image Viewer Plugin:
    • Change to display preview thumb on scroll down upload result.
    • Added embed code to upload result.
    • Removed link to info page on upload result.
    • Added logging of width/height of image and shown on upload result page.
    • Added image size on image preview page.
    • Added option to download a resized version of the image.
    • Added option to set custom resized image size.
  • Media Player Plugin:
    • Embed video or audio option for external sites.
    • Proper full screen mode for browsers which support it.
    • Fixed preloading of media time on certain videos/audio.
    • Improved issue with progress bar not working on certain videos/audio.
  • Rewards Plugin - PPD options:
    • Pay users per 1000 downloads of files.
    • Different payment group rates.
    • Payment groups based on downloaders country.
    • Option to only count above certain file sizes.
    • Only counts by daily unique IP addresses.
    • Admin interface to view downloads and manage settings.

New Plugin - Media Converter Plugin:

All the changes are live on our demo site:


For a full listing of our plugins see the following url. We're currently offering 3 for 2 to existing customers (cheapest one free, excludes third party plugins).


Feel free to contact us if you need any more information.