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Jun 8, 2020
the system remains the one
instead of doing it again, you always do the usual things

I'll list some useful things to improve the service
1 Helpdeks - ticket
2 server management to make it work only downloads and uploads
3 auto installante scripts for ftp or remote direct servers
4 Select various file types by size (maximum video 800 mb
zip file 300 mb etc)
5 Delete accounts you created
6 easiest thema editors for editing
7 when you upload files in the percentage of 40% fail many files create a reload key
8 very woody the folder system when you are at the bottom and you have created a folder and you enter it stays down does not automatically go up
9 webdav system
10 creates a bug repot (as I have already reported you 2 errors - it is not my job to find errors I am the customer and do not do the job for free)
11 Create a blog mode for news
12 create a status on a statistic of how many servers there are and where they are, when space used, how many downloads made (this entices people more to pay for a service)
13 Create an internal ip whois to figure out if it's a vpn or proxy
14 errors via upload sometimes being told the folder where the files are (a big security error)

these are nice ideas and I don't think difficult because you already have the job ready

I hope you don't take this thing as a paid plugin

What do you think?


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Dec 5, 2009

Thanks for the feedback. I've moved it into the RFCs section so it's reviewed on the next dev round.

Just to say that 5 & 9 are already available. The others will be reviewed once we're out of this beta phase.

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