suggestion for pay per view (ppv) plugin


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Jun 19, 2014
1. move Adverts group from configuration -> site settings to pay per view (ppv) menu
because not setup pay per view (ppv) plugin into domain can't choice "Redirection Method"

2. Adverts group can value budget and ppv per day
eg adverts interstitial
site|end date or budget|per day|20-7-2014|1000|10-7-2014|3000|20|1000|0|0 (if 1-3 out of budget)

eg adverts top banner
<a herf=site1></a>|20-7-2014|1000
<a herf=site2></a>|10|1000
<a herf=site3></a>|0|0 (if 1-2 out of budget)

because i pay publisher per 1000 pv , but i can't control profit from advertisers

3. PPV Earnings pages ( should have the form for submit advertising

eg budget (total money for advert), PPV per day top ads and interstitial ads (1 day pay $...., deducted from budget), etc... (i not have idea now) for easy advertising on my site

ps. now my web not popular but i have a comment
I am weak in English, May communicate poorly