Short Url Script (v3.1) - Multiple Short Url Domains, Folder


Staff member
Dec 5, 2009

- New functionality to allow for additional short url domains to be added.
- Set short url domains to be available to everyone or registered users.
- Added folder management. Allocate urls to folders on the main screen, if you're logged in.
- Option to disable main script url for creating urls.
- Added installer script.
- Added optional captcha on registration form.
- Migrated some missed text items into translations.
- Better support for large databases.
- Added option in admin area to permanently delete user and associated urls/statistics.
- Added option in admin area to permanently delete a short url.
- Added option to edit short url in members area.
- Amended delete link in members area to permanently remove url. Option to disable or expire moved to edit page.
- Amended banned words/urls feature in the admin area to support adding in bulk.
- Updated API to allow for short url domain to be requested.
- Migrated registration and lost password emails into translations.