For all interested here is the C# browser code for the API


Jul 26, 2018
I needed to write a library in C# to be able to upload, download get info and so on, from my YetiShare instance. As a proof of concept I wrote a windows File Browser capable of browsing the files in my instance. Pretty simple yet usable and powerful. As it is for just a proof of concept many features are missing, and many are poorly implemented but I think it is going to be quite a usable tool for testing, debugging ...
And as the whole code is attached, free of any guaranty or licence, just go ahead knock yourself and finish it up beautify it make it smarter prettier more useful for you own needs.

The solution is Visual Studio 2015 - .NET4.5.2 - File
Anyone feels like it improve it, just make it better and share it again... or not!

For them who are interested in how it all works but don't care, don't know or don't have the tools to build it I provided just the executable. Run it and have a look.

In both cases you will need to provide your own Key1 Key2 and web api URL.

Happy hacking...


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Dec 5, 2009
Thanks for taking the time to post. I've increased the filesize limit to 5MB on the forum, so you should be able to upload.

Thanks again,