Custom download page and problem with bandwidth packages


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Jun 12, 2020
Hello. I've been tried everything from my mind already I guess, but it's still not working for me :p

Namely I mean. I have a problem with custom page.. I can't make the files information (name of the file, size etc..) avilable for non users and non premium users.
It's always showing only "you must register for premium account to download files of this size". And if I will change the "max download size" for temp user (for example 5GB) it's showing alright, but then the user will can download the file.


So I want to make a temp user can download a file with max size of 200mb for example and with over than 200mb can't, but the temp user can see file name, size of every file even these which the temp user can't download. (because it's over max file size avilable for temp user and free user).

In the one sentence, I want to make a temp user (max download 200mb) can see a file download page (size fo file over 200mb) with for example locked counter not the "You must register for a premi...")


And I have problem with bandwidth packages.

When I setup a package, then in package price I'm adding a "New pricing" with type: by Bandwidth with Download Allowance: 1073741824 (1gb or other for example) after a user pay (stripe, paypal, not tested other gateways), it's not updating a user info with download allowance (none in user download allowance) so the user can download unlimited files.

Anybody know how to fix this?


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Dec 11, 2020

I am wondering about it too, I would like in any case (time limit, download limit, premium limit or limit for having an account) to display the basic page with information about the file. And messages in these cases were displayed on this page with the file. How to do it and whether it can be done I do not know yet.