Advice to with data storage issues with Yetishare Scripts


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Jun 18, 2019
- I have tried it from your homepage, and I find this is a great script for me to deploy my project.

- In the function of Yetishare, it is possible to add new storage servers via FTP or SFTP.

So let me ask:
- Suppose I store the Yetishare Script on Server A
- Then I add server storage in server B.
So when my web file is active and the file is reported with DMCA copyright, surely Server A will be affected, however I want to know if my B server, is affected by the complaint. Can the server provider B read my files or will it be absolutely secure?

I think that using the hosting server B is completely confidential, users will not be able to know my IP server B, so it will definitely be safe?

I am intending to use VULTR as server B. Is this okay !!!

I'm sorry, my English is not proficient, but I hope you understand what I mean.

Thank you so much


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Dec 5, 2009

If you use FTP or SFTP storage, all downloads are routed via your main website. This has the benefit of hiding the storage location however it isn't recommend for high traffic sites since the bandwidth of your main site is used.

I would recommend the 'direct' storage method, basically another dedicated server, for high traffic/large file sizes. In this instance all files would have the main site url:

However, on download it would be redirected to your file server, like this:

The main links are therefore the ones generally reported under DMCA, although it would also be possible to see the file server link.