A couple of features missing:


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Jun 24, 2012
- Moderator page for moderating URLs
- User language setting
- User location based language setting (first accessing the site if you access it and your ip is from the UK, the page will be put in English)
- Non-registered user language setting (by cookies)
- Being able to change the access password to a URL once the URL has been set.
- Being able to flag a URL by IP and it will show how many flags its got on the preview page, and if its gotten over a certain amount of flags, it will have a warning page before proceeding.
- Admin Notes + Moderator Notes
- Being able to change the status of an URL to Spam
- Being able to change the expiry date, total uses for a URL
- Having enhanced SEO friendly settings
- More advanced statistical information such as hostname information of the individual accessing a shortURL (could even do member ship for advanced statistics)