1 million+ images


New Member
Jul 14, 2018

I currently use Chevereto, and am considering switching to Reservo. I have some questions.

  • Can this script handle over 1 million images, plus a thousand+ new ones each day?
  • Does this script support CDNs?
  • Does this script support external file servers? I have 2 external servers I store images to.
  • Can I keep ALL direct/hotlinked working from Chevereto? I do not want to make my users get new URLs at all. If this is not possible, then I will not ever purchases Reservo.
  • How tricky is plugin development? I want to create something that I can for example grab all direct image URLs in an album, and generate a random image. (Hell I would even pay for this t obe developed)
  • How is the general stability of the script?
  • Can I create an album within an album?