1. yetishare-themes

    Yetishare free themes

    Hello folks, We create themes for a hobby and share them for free! :) Check them out below: Hope you enjoy, YT
  2. C

    404 on WordPress sub-directory /blog post and categories permalink url

    Want to use WordPress blog on sub-directory ( /blog) URL but post and categories permalink URL showing 404 not found used this Nginx config location /blog/ { index index.php; try_files $uri $uri/ /blog/index.php?$args; } but instead of page opening every .php file under /blog...
  3. D

    admin page SETTING is not showing any UI or THEME , SHOWING ONLY TEXT

    Why my yetishare admin page is showing only text ? :( [ please check the screenshoot ] only in admin page it is only showing text . i am a paid yetishare customer
  4. W

    Internal Notifications

    It would be a really nice feature to be able to send all the users internal notifications via the Admin panel about sites news and changes made, currently we have this function but cant be used to send different notifications to the users, there is a static one from the...
  5. W

    Database Optimization

    Hi dear Admin, It would be really appreciated if you workout the database size, which is increasing day by day with the increase in visitors, as its logging all of the stats, actions and recording every data. This is not a big issue right now but it would be if the visitors increase and for...
  6. W

    502 Timeout While Uploading Files To Busy Disk Server

    Hi everyone, i wanted to open a thread about the issue where the uploads fail. Because of unknown cause, i still haven't figured out the cause of the error. I am facing performance issues, like poor uploads and downloads. I tested some other sites too, they are also experiencing the same...
  7. M

    Do NOT conduct any business with

    It's completely up to you if you wish to conduct any business with but I'm going to simply advise you not to. They are good to bargain with to get a cheap YetiShare theme most of their themes have small problems here and there. Once you have purchased a theme and run...
  8. B

    Yetishare Script Very Slow! Error 504 Gateway Time-out

    Why yetishare script really slow when i open one folder with 1000 FIles? i have try clean install, and always same. what showing it's only javascript loading for 3 Minutes, and sometimes give result, and what which is very common is Give Error "504 Gateway Time-out" i used dedicated server...