1. D

    admin page SETTING is not showing any UI or THEME , SHOWING ONLY TEXT

    Why my yetishare admin page is showing only text ? :( [ please check the screenshoot ] only in admin page it is only showing text . i am a paid yetishare customer
  2. R

    Class 'App\Helpers\LogHelper' not found

    So I installed version 5.2 and on windows, using XAMPP and when accessing my domain this error appeared. I saw the composer directory in app / libriaries and then I ran composer dump-autoload but dont works. What I should to do??
  3. S

    Adding Your Own 404 Page Instead of The Browser Default

    Adding Your Own 404 Page Instead of The Browser Default First off you need a new .html file called 404 You can download a free 404 file i created from the attachment in this thread After this you need to make a small change in your .htaccess file to show the error 404 the correct way, add the...
  4. vnxbug

    [URGENT] Error when using NGINX, PHP-FPM with direct file server

    Hello My system can not upload file (download working fine with X ACCEL) MAIN SITE : Direct file server : When upload, i got an error with UPLOAD HANDLER AJAX of fs1 (direct file server) Please help me fix that Thank you !
  5. B

    Yetishare Script Very Slow! Error 504 Gateway Time-out

    Why yetishare script really slow when i open one folder with 1000 FIles? i have try clean install, and always same. what showing it's only javascript loading for 3 Minutes, and sometimes give result, and what which is very common is Give Error "504 Gateway Time-out" i used dedicated server...