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    Zip download problem (solved)

    I want to ask how to hide the folder link Zip download button, which is only available to paid users and admin I don’t want free users to use this feature Script version 5.1.1
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    Illegal download token

    I recently discovered large number of illegal download token, which caused the server network to be exhausted and nginx 502 error. View all malicious attack IPs of the download token IP address, how to solve the problem?
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    Zip download

    Zip download can be set to be available only to Paid User? This is a very convenient function, in order to prevent abuse, it is best to set the number of daily uses, I want to say the Zip download above the folder link However, if Lock Download Tokens To IP is turned on, the Zip file cannot be...
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    Torrent Download problem

    Nothing happens after adding the link, I have Record video you will understand a little bit easier video There is another problem. When the torrent contains 0b size files, the download task cannot be completed...
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    Torrent Download problem

    I found that I cannot add Magnet link I use Transmission 3.0 plugin version 5.10 At the same time hope to increase Magnet link typeII support.
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    Download problem

    I don’t want non-registered users to download, but no matter what the settings are, they can download the data through the file preview page My script version 5.10.