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    Error regarding server

    Please raise a ticket if you're within your support period and I'll take a look -
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    Switching from Reservo to YetiShare.

    Hi, Sorry for the delay, we don't always monitor the community forums. You're best emailing the support system if you need a quick response. Yes you can upgrade from Reservo to Yetishare, although it's a manual task. We can migrate your users, files, folders and stats. If you raise a ticket...
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    Can I migrate from Ucloud to Yetishare?

    Hi, Yes it should be possible as they're similar data structures in the database (Assuming the latest version of uCloud). If you purchase Yetishare and raise a support request, I'll arrange this for you. Thanks, Adam.
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    v4.x: remove first and last name from signup page

    For v5.x - I've not tested this, but it should point you in the right direction... In: /themes/spirit/views/register.html.twig Remove: <div class="col-md-4" style="display: none;"> <select autofocus="autofocus" tabindex="1" id="title" name="title"> <option value="" selected>{{...
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    Questions about script

    Hi, 1) Not at the moment, it'll need Apache or Nginx 2) Not that we sell. You might want to also check out our Yetishare script, it's similar (but open to all file types) and has a different theme - 3) If it supports the S3 storage API then you can easily update the...
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    Folder Upload / Username etc.

    Hi, 1) Yes but it's not possible to retain the folder structure at the moment. 2) Only with code changes. 3) You can edit the code as you need to. Thanks, Adam.
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    Error on Installation Step 2 - SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1227 Access denied

    Hi, What privileges does your DB user have? It should have all to enable the table creation on install. Thanks, Adam.
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    v5.2.0 File Previewer Cron Bug

    We've just released an update today...
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    Interstitial Ads Issue

    Hi, This happens when the external site blocks access to iframes. There's not a lot you can do about it unfortunately. There is an opton in the script admin area to set an exception for these sites, so it'll use the direct redirect instead. Thanks, Adam.
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    YetiShare Questions

    Hi, In response to your questions: Not at the moment. I've not tried, although with some code changes it should work. Yes, by amending the S3 endpoint in the code. Happy to provide guidance if needed. Kind of. Users can download an entire folder as zip on shared urls. If you want to enable...
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    Thread deleted?

    Hi, It was just pending approval. :) You can also email us via the contact pages on or Thanks, Adam.
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    yetishare bug

    I looks like you're using v4. It's not a known issue in the latest codebase. Please raise a support request with the process to reproduce the issue and I'll take a look. Please include script admin access.
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    API with chunked upload

    Hi, I don't see a lot of requests for it in the RFCs. However if enough users request the feature, we'll look at allocating some dev time on it. Thanks, Adam.
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    v5.2.0 File Previewer Cron Bug

    Thanks for pointing this one out. I've resolved it for the next release due soon.
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    Lifetime Account feature

    This has been added for the next release due soon.