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    Missing Icons

    Actually, looking further info this it seems it may be permissions related somehow. I've not seen that specific error before, however some guidance which may help:
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    Missing Icons

    Hi, Apologies, we had email issues the end of last week. They are now resolved however feel free to send me the purchase code via this forum and I'll upgrade your account. Regarding your original issue - do you have ImageMagick installed on your server? There's some guidance here if not...
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    Wasabi Storage

    Hi, I think I've resolved the email issues the end of last week, apologies for this. If you've purchased the script, drop me an email via the support system and I'll provide the plugin for beta testing. Thanks, Adam.
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    Search folders does not work

    Hi, The filter is based on filename so it would only show results if there are files with 'images' in their name. There's no filter on file type at the moment, although it'll likely be added at some stage. Thanks, Adam.
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    Do Yeti scripts support SSL?

    Yes the script fully supports SSL. Please link your forum account to your license and I'll provide the details on how to enable it. Alternatively you can raise a support request via Thanks, Adam.
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    Missing Icons

    Hi, Can you please raise a support request with your purchase code so I can validate your license? You can email [email protected] Once this is done I'll upgrade your forum account for future requests. Thanks, Adam.
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    Wasabi Storage

    Hi Bill, I've responded to your email :), copy below for this forum: "Regarding Wasabi, we are planning on releasing it at some stage however it's still in testing at the moment. When we release it, it'll be included in your 'all plugins' package." Thanks, Adam.
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    Current Status

    Yes v4 sites will be upgradable to v5. Unfortunately the themes for v4 wont work out of the box, they'll need to be amended to work with v5.
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    Interested in this script, please tell about the big update coming

    Hi, Sorry for the delay, I've been away on a (much needed!) vacation. See here: Thanks, Adam.
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    Limit download transfer

    Hi all, See here - Thanks, Adam.
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    Current Status

    Hi, I've been working on a rewrite of the core framework to a MVC structure. It's taking a lot longer than I'd hoped however it is about ~95% there. Once that's done new dev will be significantly easier along with applying script upgrades, so we should be in a good place to add a lot more...
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    Error loading media: File could not be played

    Hi, Please raise a ticket via our support system, confirming your purchase code: Many thanks, Adam.
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    Need help with torrentdownload plugin

    Hi, I've just responded to your support ticket, this may be because the cron task is on your main server aswell as the torrent server - it should only be on the torrent server. I'm running a test but I'll update the ticket with the results. Thanks, Adam.
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    Advice to with data storage issues with Yetishare Scripts

    Hi, If you use FTP or SFTP storage, all downloads are routed via your main website. This has the benefit of hiding the storage location however it isn't recommend for high traffic sites since the bandwidth of your main site is used. I would recommend the 'direct' storage method, basically...
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    Error: Could not open file for reading. after moving server to a different host

    Hi, Can you link your forum account to your license via You can do this by logging in to that site using your account details and going into account settings. After 10 minutes, logout and back into this forum so your account can be linked. Thanks, Adam.