YetiShare v3.5 Beta - Now Available!


Staff member
Dec 5, 2009
Hi all,

We've just made available the next release of YetiShare via your account on If you login (and still within support) you'll see the link to download it.

You can see it running on our demo site:

- (login with user: 'admin' & pass: 'password')

The main changes include the ability to allow non/free users to use download managers (including resume), bulk delete files in the members area & admin area, support to use the main site url for external file servers, performance improvements and loads more.

Any feedback or bug reports are welcome. We'll not be adding any new features to this release but if there's bugs to fix we'll be keen to get them resolved before moving out of beta.

As with any release, make sure you backup your site and database before making any changes. :)

To upgrade your existing codebase, upload the /install/ folder and see the 'Perform an Upgrade to an existing install' option.


v3.5 release notes:

- Added new button to file manager to bulk delete files.
- Drag to select mutliple files in front-end file manager. (or use ctrl click)
- In file manager, added option to change selected file popup by using the right & left cursor keys.
- Support for download managers for non/free users, including resume support.
- Option to set 'direct' file servers to produce download urls using the main site url. Final download is processed with file server.
- Members area option to keep all file statistics private. Statistics urls will not work unless they're logged into their account.
- New admin area section to set mutiple download pages based on user type. Users can be shown any amount of intermediate pages before being provided the download. Easily add custom download pages.
- Admin area added option to remove multiple files at once.
- Admin area option to delete user account and associated files.
- Admin area option to delete file/stats database records.
- Admin area split option to toggle adverts by non, free and paid users.
- Admin area option to disable uploading by non, free and paid users.
- Contact form added to front-end. Includes optional captcha.
- Sharing folders publicly will also now list sub-folders. Sub-folders need to be set as publicly accessible via the file manager.
- Added additional mimetypes for remote downloads.
- Added option in admin area to set the default view of the file manager to icon or list.
- In admin area file manager, added link in own column to quickly filter files by IP or account.
- Prefilling of abuse report file urls if linked from file download page.
- File stats no longer require Flash, pure html5 implementation. Viewable across all devices now.
- Added more system logging to aid debugging.
- Import and export CSV option within admin area manage translations.
- Admin option to scan codebase for missing translations to ensure translations data is up to date.
- jQuery updated to jquery-1.11.0.min.js.
- Minor bug fix for file manager when moving files into sub-folders. Root folder no longer shows all files.
- Overall reduction on memory usage by 25%.
- Overall reduction in the amount of queries run on each page load.
- Performance improvement when loading translations.
- Performance improvement with file statistics.
- Added automatic JavaScript merging and minifying. Reduction in overall page size and total requests on page.
- Removal of old YUI javascript library, yui_combo.js.
- Other minor bug fixes.