YetiShare v3.4 Beta - Now Available!


Staff member
Dec 5, 2009
Hi all,

We've just made available the next release of YetiShare via your account on If you login (and still within support) you'll see the link to download it.

You can see it running on our demo site:

- (login with user: 'admin' & pass: 'password')

Most of the visual changes are around the file manager but there's also lots of core stuff which will generally make the script a lot more robust and easier to configure. One of them is the 'chunked upload' functionality which means uploads are broken into parts on upload. It means that PHP & Apache don't need to be configured to allow large uploads any more, a server with a max upload size of 5MB can still accept 2GB files if you configure the script that way.

For full details of the release see the release notes below.

There's also some changes to the plugins which will be available in the next few days. Some of the functionality in the new release may not be available (like the image previews) until you upgrade the image viewer plugin.

Any feedback or bug reports are welcome. We'll not be adding any new features to this release but if there's bugs to fix we'll be keen to get them resolved before moving out of beta.

As with any release, make sure you backup your site and database before making any changes. :)

To upgrade your existing codebase, upload the /install/ folder and see the 'Perform an Upgrade to an existing install' option.


v3.4 release notes:

- New file management area for users:
--- Merging of folder and file management.
--- Multi-level folders.
--- New quicker icon based interface.
--- Ajax popup on each file for quick access to file information.
--- Image previews if used with image plugin.
--- Upload directly to a folder.
--- Fullscreen mode for file management.
--- Alternative listview mode.
--- Ctrl click multiple select to copy & paste all links, forum bbcode or html code at once.
--- Quick access to recent uploads.
--- Trash can for deleted files. Empty trash option to permanently remove file stats & information.
- Ability to limit the maximum files which can be downloaded for free user in a 24 hour period.
- Progress indicators on remote file upload.
- Logging of md5 file hashes on upload.
- Support for chunked uploads if supported by browser. Bypasses PHP limits and any tmp folder size restrictions.
- Duplicate files are no longer stored, so the same file will only ever be kept in storage once. Unique download urls are still generated on each upload for stats, privacy etc.
- Added option to set session expiry period via the admin area.
- Improved cross site session token clearing when PHP & MySQL times are out of sync.
- Improvements with possible conflicts on PHP class auto-loader.
- Added system log class for better error handling.
- Admin area log file viewer.
- Fixed various notices in log files.
- Improvement to tab rendering on index page.
- Added option to hide adverts for paid/admin users.
- Updated IP address to country data.
- Added database browsing tool to aid debugging.
- Option to set the load order of plugins via the plugin database table.
- Added 'forgot password' link to main login page rather than just the login popup.
- Added payment page in admin area to search and browse received payments.
- New 'add payment' popup to manually log payments. Useful for manual upgrades, bank transfers, cash payments etc.
- Separated free user configuration options from non-logged in users.
- Added account storage limit options for free and paid users.
- Added account storage limit override by account on edit/add user.
- Added admin option to block paid account sharing. On login, it'll clear sessions for any other users logged in with the same account.
- Added admin option to use different site images and css styles dependant on language.
- Added improved file type icons with a wider selection of formats.
- Better report copyright abuse integration. Front-end form to capture details including validation of active file. Admin area screens to review and easily remove files. Admin dashboard change to show how many pending review.
- New moderator user type to provide limited access for reviewing copyright reports. User type can access the file management and reported abuse pages in the admin area.
- Improvements to better get mime type when finfo not available within PHP. Resolves possible streaming issues on media player for files added using remote upload or FTP upload.
- Added admin area notice when script upgrades are available.
- Added option within account settings to enable users to select their default account language. Option in admin area to enable/disable.
- Admin option to put website into maintenance mode. Disables front-end website with a message. Admin area access still available.
- Fixed bug on remote url upload which caused an error if the url contained brackets.
- On the uploader, added option to select folder before uploading (in 'options'). Option pre-selected if upload prompted from 'your files'.
- Admin option to disable user registration.
- Added option to copy file into your account on the file details page (~i page). Can not be used for password protected files.
- Added fix to session so user is remembered after returning to the site.
- Option to set maximum storage limit for file servers.
- Option to use a file server until it's full, then use the next. File server priority must be set and 'until full' chosen for the 'server selection method'.

Plugin Changes:

- Image Viewer Plugin:
--- Change to display preview thumb on scroll down upload result.
--- Added embed code to upload result.
--- Removed link to info page on upload result.
--- Added logging of width/height of image and shown on upload result page.
--- Added image size on image preview page.
--- Added option to download a resized version of the image.
--- Added option to set custom resized image size.

- Media Player Plugin:
--- Embed video or audio option for external sites.
--- Full screen support for FF & Chrome on embedded videos.
--- Proper full screen mode for browsers which support it.
--- Fixed preloading of media time on certain videos/audio.
--- Improved issue with progress bar not working on certain videos/audio.

- Rewards Plugin:
--- PPD options:
------ Pay users per 1000 downloads of files.
------ Different payment group rates.
------ Payment groups based on downloaders country.
------ Option to only count above certain file sizes.
------ Only counts by daily unique IP addresses.
------ Admin interface to view downloads and manage settings.
------ UPDATED: PPD earnings now clear each night. Clearer feedback on screen for PPD balances.

- Media Converter Plugin
--- Added notice in media player screen for any pending/processing conversions.
--- Allowed processing of mp4s so they're converted to streamable versions.
--- Attempts to grab a screenshot of the video 5 seconds in and uses as thumbnail in users account/account sharing page.