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Aug 28, 2018
Adam Please answer me just a few more questions, I need to use an amazon service, I just need to make an adjustment on the flysistem change the path:

1) If I buy the inscript can you point the way for me to do this?

2) About the new player if I hire the custom service you will create a script where I can delete and add when I want or will include it directly on the site and every time I need to upgrade the site to a newer version I will have pay again to be included?

There are functions in the player where you change within the script
for example
adList: {},
skipButtonCaption: 'Skip ad in [seconds]',
skipButtonClickCaption: 'Skip ad <span class = "skip_button_icon"> </ span>',
adText: null,
adTextPosition: 'top left',
adCTAText: 'Visit now!',
adCTATextPosition: 'bottom right',

3) Would it be possible to add some form of equal change with Video Js that can be changed directly in the Adm panel? or you can only include the script and I will have to manually do the rest?


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Dec 5, 2009

1) Yes I can point you in the direction of this code. You would need to manage it between release upgrades of the codebase though, so keep a record of the changes.

2) The code would be custom work as part of the media player plugin. You would just avoid upgrading this plugin on future releases unless you wanted to manually merge the code. You could upgrade the core script fine. All changes for the new player would be in the plugin.

3) You'll be able to switch between media players in the admin area. For more specific changes you would need to do it in the code.