i need customization serious developer who can develop contact please


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Oct 16, 2018
Can you customize script, do you have time for that ?

i want add Sell Video and Sell documents, so user can sell Video, audio and documents and they got money in wallet, dispute option should be on website so buyer and seller can conversation each other within given time frame if they decide themselves then they can cancel dispute or its escalate to admin so our team will decide,

2nd we want change video and audio page like you tube or dailymotion, related videos on right side, Video should play in same page when user click on any video, Page should same look which YouTube have or tune.pk have, embed video and all other same like them, also if we have additional like forum need to add there,

Channel and subscription too, You can add 5000 Friend and unlimited Subscriber, you can send instant message or leave message too.

Second when user login there should be feed like Facebook so user can post like they did on Facebook name feed, navigation should be left side, user have profile too which any body can see with privacy, when they upload it automatically came as a post.

Upload have description, Tags, and category, Multiple upload should also available.

Instead of only Picture please add buy button so user can buy and sell anything, also auction, its should be like targeted, Country wise, need some product detail, like Ship country wide or international, payment should hold and pending till user received goods, when seller or buyer clicks goods received after confirmation from buyer payment sent to seller, if buyer did not click within time frame like 3-4 days after sender confirm good received payment should sent to seller, Tracking shipment code area should available so any time seller can add so it will be shown to buyer and admin too,

Pre roll ads, audio player should change like video player ads and ads should be there also even image ads, website have places to ads, like you tube have big ads on home page and while video playing right side ads, feature videos, on post sponsor ads, user can target country, tags, category, interest,

BLOGS add BLOGS so user can write blogs, but blog should be written himself otherwise it should be caught if copy paste and removed, also with reward PPV,
if user want cheat then warning too after 2-3 time block from Blog written and his features, give access to admin he can permit if he want to ban users to write again,

Home Page come to search like https://fhscript.com/search.html this page should be home page, we are waiting for your quick response,



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May 17, 2018
Are you prepared to pay a lot of money because all those customisation will cost you a ton of money. MFScripts is currently developing a Video Hosting Script https://vitavideo.com/ that sounds more similar to what you are looking for although I don't know what features that script will have.