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    Problem in PPD for User Type

    It's impossible with current PPD plugin. There is some work in theory about rewards plugin update, but I doubt that we will see it.
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    PPD counting issue big problem

    Its impossible for now. It's already many request that current rewards plugin sucks. Adam promise update it and we waiting... I suggest you to be extremely patient.
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    custom gateway plugin

    Still looking for!
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    custom gateway plugin

    Yes, he told me that I should use board.
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    All user can view statistics

    Each user can block it in "account settings". But I agree that administrator should have option to disable this function or it should be at least blocked for each user by default.
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    API Documantation

    Admin Panel -> Api -> Documentation Btw. its should be somehow available for developers as well. Not only for admins.
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    custom gateway plugin

    Hello, is anybody here who can create the custom payment gateway for my site (based on yetishare of course)? For more details please send me pm.
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    copy entire folder

    Any update? :)
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    What changes are coming in next update

    So what changes are coming in next rewards plugin update? :)
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    Shows all files and directories in my account.?!?!

    Under "Welcome xxx" click on "Your uploads" and all should be correct.
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    Issue with File Action queue not deleting files

    I have same error. Any solution?
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    File types not uploading

    Yes i got complains about same issue. For me renaming file help. Hope that Adam will find another fix soon :)