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    suggestion: individual file server option

    for each user is an individual file server option with individual requests from users and per file server plan limits adjustable.
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    Dark Mode Switch!

    ok nice but i cant code
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    Dark Mode Switch!

    We need a dark mode switch as a button or time controlled.
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    zip download issue 2

    :eek::D:D:D:D wtf xD
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    yetishare or uCloud

    yetishare is for making ur own Business (for sell storage) and uCloud for only u i think :) i hope i helped u :)
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    how to automatically remove files from the server?

    i have no idea how to get the files removed from the server automatically point can someone help me? Thank you
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    Theme Editor

    i want change frondend and other stuff. :)
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    Theme Editor

    i wish a Theme Editor as Plugin or implemented in Yetishare. it would be very beginner friendly. I have no idea about PHP and HTML so an editor would be fine.
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    Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay Paymentmethodes

    I would suggest that Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay should be added
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    Lifetime Account feature

    @adam could you add that, please? I think it is a small effort for you. if not it is not a problem either.