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    Webdav on Subdomain

    1. I wants to do ( because I'm going to block under DDOS SHeald because too much attacks.. 2. Can I add at on thirdparty server? How? 3. Make faster WEBDAV to stream videos. Directly. Thak Need help.
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    Wn I try to install v4.3

    I need to install v4.3 but it's giving me error SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1034 Incorrect key file for table 'file_action'; try to repair it Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on tmpfs tmpfs 24G 1.5M 24G 1% /tmp Why?
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    FTP Upload error

    /usr/local/cpanel/cpanel exited with status 1 (EPERM). I get this from FTP Upload plugin. I used cPanel server on FTP upload support plugin THnaks
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    PROFtpD at Ubuntu Not working

    I did then setuped this /etc/proftpd.conf 1. How do I create SQL DB user and pass and the DB at Ubuntu? or What is my Default? 2. What is my default User ID and Password for ProFTPD here? is they have all permissions? 3. How do I care more users and give they permissions? Thanks
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    Looking for Mobile Android App developer

    I have a requirement for an Mobile Android APP on my yetishare website. :D If anyone can do that - please contact me.
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    Sms Payment

    I'm interested too.. custom plugin also good
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    About PPD plugins

    If I turned on my PPD. 1. A free user can earn if a premium or free user/s makes full downloads? 2. A Premium user can earn if a free user download? 3. A Premium user can earn only if a premium user can download? Can you explan. It's hard to understand the algorithm your plugins use. Thanks
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    Recommend Hosting Providers - Who do you use?

    Go to Aaa.. 1. Planed for everything and can handle anything. 2. Just let them know what you wanted. They gets you. 3. TOP on GOOGLE for offer "NO DMCA" server and services. 4. Business over 8Yers. Good Speed. 5. Top DCs for File Sharing sites they have - NL, AL, CA, SW Global...
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    User Cloudflare for location detection

    You can just Free counter at your site. Or enable CloudFlare at your cPanel. You can see what you wanted.
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    Account Lock (Security)

    I like what MEGA did. Premium key thing.. if that - I'll buy.
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    API(import from FTP subfolder) / Private folder / SMS notification

    WooW Awesome.. I'm into it.. Do it please.. mfscripts Support me by commenting. Thanks
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    Plugin superrewards gateway

    It's needed.. I'll build one for my self. :D
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    How do I Make Storage Limits

    Hey I wanted to make storage limit. Like - will be 10GB = 10$/PM or 120/PY 10TB = 100$/PM or 1200/PY This kind of changes. Please kindly help me. Thanks
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    Paymentwall payment gateway

    But it accept Cloud Storage sites. So why not?