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    urgent plz help

    Ok lets try
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    urgent plz help

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    urgent plz help

    Thanks for reply adam i have media plyer plugin but is disable, and still user generate the embed code and still he using it..and earn, Or another bug here is file stat I have explore the all ways but finally he using this site
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    Payza Auto Upgrade Issue

    yes same error
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    urgent plz help

    dear i have disable the Show Embed Code: but many user download the files through embed code or watch can i block i have allowed only download file earning not watching... but user can also use the embed code and earn how can i block it..plz help
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    How to change registration page

    Can u plz tell me the exit code
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    How to change registration page

    Dear i need some changes on registration page like delet the option Mr. Title , again email etc
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    Count Limit of File Size Increased but Not Change...

    I Was increased the file size in admin panel for 1 to 100mb but still not change on reward pages...kindly help me..plz
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    Change Ajax Click here to upload Script

    yes u can see