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    Media Converter transferring file from and to file server extremely slowly.

    Hi, i have a 20 core, 40 thread server as a media converter but it's let down by the speed that files are transferred to it. I assume it's something to do with it being an encrypted file transfer, is it not possible to change this to standard FTP like it used to be? Files at the moment transfer...
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    (Server Config) Slow Upload with Direct Server Uploads

    Hi All, i think Adam has probably had enough with my tickets so i am going to post here from now on, hopefully someone can help me. I'm using a dedicated file server with direct uploading but i'm having problems achieving good upload speeds through the website. I am able to achieve over 30MB/s...
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    Responsive YetiShare V4 Theme - Above the Clouds If you would like to purchase this theme, please contact me: [email protected] Payment methods include: Paypal, UK Bank transfer and Bitcoins.
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    Please request themes

    Hi, so i've made one theme for yetishare and it's not really getting any sales, i am thinking of making another that is better but i would like to know, what do you guys want to see in a theme? Please let me know, thanks.
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    New Responsive YetiShare V4 Theme - Above the Clouds

    More info and purchase here: Demonstration Video: More themes coming soon!
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    [Urgent] Need script performance optimization..

    Hi, i am in need of performance optimizations, my site has gotten pretty big over the past year and the script is started to hold me back from expanding. First of all here is my file server specs. --HW-- Intel E3 1270v3 32GB RAM 120GB SSD 4x4TB HDDs 10Gbps Unmetered --SW-- Nginx php-fpm The...
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    Does the script actually delete files?

    So i was cleaning up some files on one of my servers which only had 1TB left, i deleted around 2TB of files via the admin panel. I checked back on my server and saw that only the files were removed from the database and not the actual file its self. Is the script actually supposed to remove...
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    Sessions not being carried over all servers.

    This issue has been there ever since i started using multiple direct servers. The problem seems to come on and off, when someone logs in it appears to log in fine on the main server however you are still not logged in on the file server, therefore when you upload the file won't appear in your...
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    .srt Subtitle support for media player.

    Would you be able to add this onto the media player plugin? This is how xvideosharing has it. Thanks
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    Reseller Plugin

    Can we please have a reseller plugin like xfilesharing? I have been asked if i have this so many times. Thanks
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    Better session management

    I often get users complaining that their files are not appearing in their account. This is because their session sometimes expires whilst they are uploading. Is there anyway we can have the sessions work off inactivity? E.G 1 hour of inactivity will log them out but it will not log out whilst...
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    Media player not working with multiple download servers

    It is trying to pull the file from the main server not the file server. How can i fix this? Thanks
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    FTP support for plesk

    In the title, this would be great! Thanks
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    Rate my theme #2 Thought the old one looked a bit tacky, added some nice jQuery effects into this one :D I'm thinking of creating some themes to sell too. Thanks
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    Media Plugin Bug

    The Media Player wont play big files like 1gb video. This is frustrating.
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    Rate My Theme :) I'm also using the status script. Not really customised too much, i wanted to keep it simple. :)