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    Upload not working after installing SSL

    hi I have 3 separate servers. 1st: server for main site 2nd: server for uploading and conversion of videos 3rd: streaming server before we install SSL File uploading was working fine, but after we implement SSL on all 3 server File upload from PC is not working and giving error. Remote URL...
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    FFmpeg high load

    Adam ? can you please reply us on forum or on tickets I have send you ticket and since 2 days no reply from you or from any yetishare staff ticket ref 20224
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    PPD - Pay Per Download

    you can make these settings of one download per one IP address / 24 hour or count XX downloads per IP address or can disable this option these options are available in plugin settings page
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    FFmpeg high load

    Hello, I have server with the following specs CPU: 2 x E5-2440 Ram: 64GB DDR3 HDD: 8TB 2GBPS dedicated connection with un-metered Bandwidth there is high traffic on our website around 22,000 + visitors at every second of the day. Right now we are getting problem during video conversion. 2...
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    Recommend Hosting Providers - Who do you use?

    Dear Adam, I read your comment on the above thread and I want to list my hosting company on this forum. my company is around 4 years old and I have my own co-location from Bulgaria and I can provide good servers to use with yetishare script. i tried to send you site pm but it is disabled...
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    Downloadspeed yetishare

    its your internet problem or the host issue where you uploaded your content
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    Tiger Yetishare Theme on Sale Just 160 USD ( Limited time )and Support

    Re: Tiger Yetishare Theme Sale and Support very nice theme but very expensive
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    File hash with md5_file too slow for large files

    don't use Apache server try to move to php-fp + Ngnix I have the following configuration and its take few seconds to calculate md5 hash CPU: 2 x E5-2440 Ram: 64GB php-fpm+ Ngnix and SQL server my users are uploading large files like 4GB, 8GB and above and I never get high server load never...
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    video player branding

    I am ready to pay for this if some one can do this customization
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    video player branding

    Hello, how can we do video player branding in latest release of yetishare v4.3 for video player video.js same like video player
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    playback error for MKV videos

    media player converter plugin do not support converting of .MKV files let me know if I am wrong
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    playback error for MKV videos

    Hello, MKV video files are not playing on firefox or chrome browser and also there is no way to convert mkv files to mp4. any idea ?
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    Errors after updating 4.2 to 4.3

    Hi, I already uploaded the fresh copy to my main server and to the file server but its still the same, and there are no errors on log file.
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    Errors after updating 4.2 to 4.3

    Hello, I recently update my yetishare site from old version 4.2 to 4.3 and after making the upgrade uploading from PC and remote URL upload is disabled. I check the all settings and i can't fix it. maintenance mode is not enabled Whether to block all uploads on your site is set to NO also I...
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    site description and Keywords

    can you please mention the file names which needs to be edited. I am using flow theme
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    site description and Keywords

    hello, how do I change the site description and keywords in yetishare script. I do not see any option in admin panel
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    site description and Keywords

    sorry posted in wrong section
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    site description and Keywords

    hello, how do I change the site description and keywords in yetishare script. I do not see any option in admin panel
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    Hello, is there some option that we can add flowplayer option in media player plugin. because I found it good as it has an option of player branding with custom logo on it. Regards