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    Fixed: V5 changes

    Thank you. Links are back to normal.
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    Rewards plugin counting even if a video isnt played at all

    Rewards plugin bug - If i upload a video and then just go to the download page, rewards plugin logs it in. Even if i just go to the download page and exit without playing the video. I have the threshold set to 70%. Thanks
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    Fixed: V5 changes

    When you go into the admin panel under Files, you click on the Download button, it takes you to the Fileserver URL to download when it should be the URL of your primary site. Same thing happens when you get the file download URL's after uploading files. eg: Download URL should be...
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    Adding new pages in V5.0.1?

    Hello, I wanted to add 2 pages in this new template and i understand it is not as easy as just creating 2 html files in this new template and routing. I did get them to work but just curious to know what is the correct process of adding pages? A page for API and copyright is what i am looking to...
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    UVP - Display video thumbnails

    Just wondering if it is possible to add video thumbnails & advertisement support to the new video player in V5. The player supports it so if there is an easy way, can this be done please ? It would be a nice to have for videos specially ads because a lot of people embed videos so would be good...
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    C# File Browser using YetiShare API

    Thanks very much for the examples. I will continue on my project again and will give this a try.
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    C# File Browser using YetiShare API

    I am using PHP with CURL.
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    C# File Browser using YetiShare API

    Thank you guys. i am not at all a pro at developing applications using API but will certainly give it a try. I started using the webDAV instead and that has been working fine no issues.
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    C# File Browser using YetiShare API

    lol and i am still stuck at upload API, got everything else to work fine no issues. Glad someone got upload API working... Do you mind helping me out on this upload CURL API ? I have tried every possibility and looked up curl file upload API's etc but no luck so far. I had given up on it lol.
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    Files List in Admin panel wont show non-english filenames

    same thing happening on demo server , i uploaded a MP4 file (Date uploaded:04/03/2018, filesize: 8 MB)
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    Files List in Admin panel wont show non-english filenames

    yes the file names show OK when i click Edit and they also show fine when i impersonate. Just not in 'Manage Files' in admin panel.
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    Files List in Admin panel wont show non-english filenames

    I have a whole bunch of files that i believe are in Chinese. In the admin panel, if i go to Manage Files, the filename column wont show anything if it is non-english. The filename for example is "良_.中英字幕-人人影_.JPG". Assuming this is blocked for security reasons or is it a bug ?
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    Forums New Look & Feel

    looks awesome, except that my username in the previous forum was different than this forum....... before, it was sukhman21 and now its sukhman214690.
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    SMTP newsletter send

    My guess would be to check: core/includes/email_class/class.smtp.php or under /core/includes/email_class/class.phpmailer.php and there is core/includes/email_class/class.pop3.php file. Has to be under one of these, just do a search for "Debug"
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    How to disable the folder URL view?

    Try renaming themes/flow/templates/folder/index.html file. Test it to make sure nothing else breaks.
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    Pagination in folders

    works perfect. exactly what i needed. Thanks a lot Adam.
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    Pagination in folders

    Hello, Not sure if this is an issue with my script but i have a folder with about 200 files in it and when i share that folder, all the files show up on the same page but i was expecting them to show up as default of 25 files on first page and then PageNumbers at the bottom right - same as file...
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    Database Error On Direct File Server

    maybe restart nginx and apache if you changed max upload filesize in PHP and in your file hosting script. This is all you need to do.