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    FTP plugin import function

    Anyone having issues with Ubuntu 22 LTS and the FTPupload import function not working? I can upload just fine, and i can click the import button just fine, but then it just sits and times out after a while... files are not imported. I have checked all permissions, used the proper SQL settings...
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    Strange errors in PHP

    I havent made any chnges to the base code, or even to the Site except the logos and such, anyone else getting these issues? 2022-08-23 23:52:34 [d2c74785] - Array ( [Error Msg] => Undefined variable: dropdownMenu [File] =>...
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    Errors after update to 5.3

    These are jsut a few of the errors I am getting any thoughts? [9e429caf] - =========================================================== 2021-12-15 20:46:27 [9e429caf] - Array ( [Error Msg] => A non well formed numeric value encountered [File] =>...
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    Issue with File Action queue not deleting files

    BUMP i am having a similar issue since the latest update.. users cannto send files to the trash anymore.
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    YetiShare Questions

    2. In Upload Widget Plugin, can I somehow integrate it with any forum script? Like IPS or Xenforo YES!!!!!!! I use the Advertisment plugin to set the location and jsut post in the link and it works great! 3. With Amazon S3 plugin, can I use any S3 compatible object storage or does it have to be...
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    slow upload to direct file server.

    direct server...... I am only using the built in FTP service to test upload and download speeds
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    slow upload to direct file server.

    It's a subdomain of my website. and yes ive tried that, Direct FTP speeds are fine its only when uploading to the direct server.
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    slow upload to direct file server.

    All of my certs are current and valid. I'm using letsencrypt automated certs. A cert would not cause network speed to decrease while uploading.
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    slow upload to direct file server.

    Yes. That seems to be the case.
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    Slow download and upload speeds

    I have 1GB dedicated speeds on my host. but when my users are downloading or uploading files they start at about 800kb/s and slowly decline over time. I have done a speedtest-cli and am getting 800Mb/s DOWN and 600Mb/s UP My Nginx Config Can you tell me if I'm doing anything wrong?
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    slow upload to direct file server.

    I am having this same problem... the speed starts at about 800k and then slowly goes down over time.... Would be nice to get some feedback I used speedtest-cli and i am getting 800MB/s so the issue isnt on the machine
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    Tying user account from another site

    Quick question, is there a way to sync accounts? i have a forum using Xenforo and i can add api access to variuous web services. i was curious it is possible to sync the accounts of my premium members in the forum to premium accounts in Yetishare... if not how could i easily tie them together...
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    Free Media Player plugin Download (solved)

    MUCH LOVE it works!
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    Free Media Player plugin Download (solved)

    i get this when the video tries to play.. though maybe i was missing a player of some sort
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    Free Media Player plugin Download (solved)

    Is there anything required to install on the host to enable this plugin?
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    Files not showing up in my user folder. [SOLVED]

    This was solved with the genius of the Dev.. he was awesome and MUCH LOVE!!!
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    Files not showing up in my user folder. [SOLVED]

    ive created another user and added files. but it seems like it wont load them to the user folder.. So i checked what SQL has to say says my user created dat is Null odd.. so lets check the files i uploaded. So its showing My user ID as being Null... strange... I just created this user...
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    Chunk file permissions error?

    on to the next issue