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    CatMew Yetishare Theme

    Never recommend this theme as its a copy of a theme applied on another website.
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    Tiger Yetishare Theme on Sale Just 160 USD ( Limited time )and Support

    @datagiftedsis is a scammer...never ever work for him or sell anything to him without taking advance or whole money.Else he'll just run away with your money.
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    help cloudflare with YetiShare

    I've used cloudflare for my website & i've uploaded upto 25gb with no error. Make sure config is correct in your PHP.ini file....
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    Payment gateway

    in that case bitcoin is best way.Use & receive using bitpay.Webmoney plugin available as well & i love webmoney...
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    Modifiying the Blue_v2 Theme

    pm me.. i can help with design as well...
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    i want to buy

    Contact me if needed.I Can do it & can optimize code to prevent google warning. :) Drop a PM if needed.
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    Yetishare flow theme homepage edit

    PM me i can help as well.....
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    How to create Direct Link?

    Lemme know if you need it PM ;)
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    Short url for file download urls

    drop a pm here...i can help :)
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    User suspension not working ?

    Hi everyone, User suspension isn't working ? i suspended a user on my website today & he's still uploading...
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    F-Cloud Theme for yetishare...

    Hi everyone, I Have made a theme for some website some days ago & i wanted to sell it with you guys.Hope you guys will like it.Screenshots are attached below : is also included with it,screenshot of it is given above.Rest we can make it compatible with any...
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    Anyone have above the clouds theme ? or a better simple for around 40-50$ ?
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    Payment plugin

    Yes, I support the development of plug-in! +1
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    Designers from Hell! - Pentalogy

    Re: Designers from Hell! Why do not you start developing your own templates for official YS? Why should we tolerate deception? :|
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    Ysmods plugins

    Very well, I want to buy this plugin. ;)
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    I want to be aware of the release of new templates for the script. :)
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    Why can not they set up RSS on your site? :?