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    File Error

    I did not understand. would you like to restore the main server so that you can reconnect the fs1 server and continue to use the files present in the fs1 server? or recreate the site again and reconnect the fs1 server without the existing files?
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    File Error

    You have database backup?
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    Cloudflare 100mb Limit, how to bypass? Or is Yetishare sending more then one request/upload?

    what's the problem? if you have a 1Gb file, ten 100mb fragments are created to upload the entire file. you can use any cloudflare ssl configuration.
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    slow upload to direct file server.

    but are you using your direct server as a "direct server" connection or as an "FTP" connection?
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    slow upload to direct file server.

    have you tried typing the direct address of the direct server into your browser?
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    slow upload to direct file server.

    it is usually a certificate and http/https configuration issue.
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    slow upload to direct file server.

    does this problem only occur on direct servers?
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    Set Upload/Download Speed & Concurrent Connections By User Type On Nginx

    Hi Adam, I followed this guide to set the limits but I believe there is an error in "limit rate" which should be "limit_rate". after this an error might come out like this: Invalid nginx configuration: nginx: [emerg] zero size shared memory zone "addr" nginx: to solve the error you need to...
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    v5.3 files for premium

    Hi adam , I could see that now you can select the file for premiums only. the problem is that for example in my site different packages are set, both for time limitation and for archiving. I was wondering if it was simply possible to flag for general premium users. or free or non-free users...
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    v 5.3 ads on direct link

    Hi Adam, as the title suggests I would like to know if it is possible to insert the vast or IMA also in the player in direct link.
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    Error: There was a sever problem when attempting the upload

    hi, are you setup correctly your php ? other servers are direct server? to me it looks like an https problem. I've never had these problems on my servers even when they get to extreme usage thresholds. I believe there is some wrong setting in the server configuration, or the main server is too...
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    concurrent downloads

    " I hope the correct setup guide will be fixed soon".
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    concurrent downloads

    yes there are problems with concurrent downloads. I hope the correct setup guide will be fixed soon.
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    Recommend Hosting Providers - Who do you use?

    Oneprovider at the first report of copyright infringement for the contents will send you the report and if you do not remove the server they will close it. it happened to me personally. I am currently using euserv with their server filler v5, from 4 disks x 10 Tb in raid 5 for a total of 27 Tb...
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    Cronjobs not working on webmin

    use ssh terminal and set your cron.
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    link copy

    Hi Adam, in version 4.5 for registered users, there was a link that allowed you to copy a file from another user and have it also in your profile, basically a single file that had multiple owners. surely this method helps to save many GB of space especially among uploaders. is it possible to...
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    technically (if I remember correctly) the file is uploaded to the ftp account created on the main server. at the end of the upload as soon as the cron starts it, the files are transferred to the server that is currently active for the upload. or if a user has a specific server to upload to, the...
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    little bug report V5

    Solved , unistall/ install plugin.
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    little bug report V5

    Hi Adam, I would like to point out that the service emails are not working properly. when I create a new email and try to save the draft, it tells me that it cannot save the newsletter and the same thing when I try to send it to both users and the test email. "Error There was a problem adding...
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    Interested - Any active sites I can see? script V5