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    Suggest Adding Resume

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    Webdav on Subdomain

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    Payment gateway plugin

    hello Whats version your script?
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    custom gateway plugin

    hello Whats payments gateway do you need? and whats version your script?
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    Recommend Hosting Providers - Who do you use?

    Hostgator ? Dedicated servers very small disk
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    Multiple Drive Local Server Storage - Yetishare

    Raid 0 or create 8x subdomain
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    Hello I have a question will operate on script version 4.0.1?
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    reload session after upgrade in 4.01

    Hello Adam how to repair sessions after upgrade account to premium without logout? I have too many fixes to make the upgrade to 4.1
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    not working update to 4.1

    I tried. did not work
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    not working update to 4.1

    After installing the upgrade to 4.1 I can not log into the admin panel ...
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    Webdav question

    Hi When I use cyberduck. Can I get a direct link to download a file? Now I get a demo version copy link in form how can I get in the form?
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    Read only storage still gets files

    I have the same problem
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    Change Timezone for Logs and Date/time for uploaded files

    Hi Change in /core/includes/ on all servers // set timezone if not set, change to whatever timezone you want if (!ini_get('date.timezone')) { date_default_timezone_set('GMT'); } GMT channge to your timezone example "// set timezone if...
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    Reducing database size / DB optimization

    edit file admin/tasks/auto_prune.cron.php change to // delete old sessions $db->query('DELETE FROM `sessions` WHERE `updated_on` < :updated_on', array('updated_on' => time() - (2 * 24 * 60 * 60))); and run cron
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    Limit free user not working

    Hello Speed limit for free user not working in flashget imd etc user by making five calls to the server retrieves 600 kb / s I used version 4.0.1
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    plugin reward

    great idea :D
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    reward plugin on nginx

    Hello I have a problem with pending on nginx I use NGINX Complete Download Log my test rules nginx server { listen 80; server_name localhost; # change this for your server root /var/www/vhosts/public/; index index.php; client_max_body_size 5G; # pass the PHP...