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    Urgent request

    It will be come, but no time line i have heard from the team. For me this will be a breakpoint for a new project.
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    No notification by new comment?

    I see no notifications if there are new comments to a image. is this normal, or what triggered this notification? :?
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    Search users

    In the search there we are missing a way to search for users. This will not be useble for all but for our way of using a imported thing. ;)
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    Description by photos

    Description a photo is the first thing we need thats thrue. But its also possible the have the meta tags openend as first tab and not the share. In that way photographers could describe they photo in the exif or file info with Photoshop, and this next to the Photo
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    Tags to search on

    I hope this will be added in the next update? It is really a missing part of this script.
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    Vertical menu..

    I wanted a menu item under community in vertical menu and i haved it into previous version, but can,t find to setup it again, so someone can help me on the way please! It can visible for every one (link to external forum).
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    Session or cookie

    I want to use sso login to my Codoforum script, but I can't find how Reservo works, is this with a session or a cookie? And how to find out how a logged user is detected? If someone can my help out here please let my know. :mrgreen:
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    chance tab location

    in picture view screen, now the share tab let see all the links yes.... right but i want to get at first the meta tab be open . How to do that? 1920HD Harry
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    ability of "follow" favorite users

    I agree, i have cheverero for my personal, and this has this build in ;)
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    [Added v1.5] Register button after login

    Hi, it is possible that after a user is logged in to Reservo that the both buttons (upload & Register on the landingspage) can be removed. They seems to my not neccesary, because user is already logged in.
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    support SSO?

    I want to use single SSO login with Codoforum script, so my question is ob Reservo is supporting SSO?
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    [Fixed v1.5] Upgrade?

    Hi Guys, is there some information from the team when there will come a upgrade to this script. One of the most imported things is that the social links not share the choosen image, but the standard camera image with the word Register.
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    how to reset the language

    are these also used in Reservo?
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    blacks in thumbnails removed

    I see that in the thumbnails the color black oft is removed. But the original file is 100%. Files are normally saved within Photoshop.
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    Twitter links not working

    if a user links a images to Twitter, the link there is not working, you get a blanc screen. link is The problem is that no one of the social links really works
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    login problem

    How is it possible that a admin is banned to login for to many inlog?
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    Comment edit

    Editing or deleting only now in admin centre
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    User search not working

    Great Thanks Adam!
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    User search not working

    In reservo I found out that if I search for a user, the name is found but if I click on the user the screen goes back to landingspage and not the users profile page. Update: This is happen by some of the users. Admin users are total not found.
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    [Added v1.5] Comments text

    The enter key is not working in the comments. Like what I have done here so we can have text on new alinea or line all text on a line without the return key works.