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  1. ddeubel

    Redirect successful login

    Hi, I changed the successful login to go to /search.html instead of account_home.html // successful login coreFunctions::redirect(coreFunctions::getCoreSitePath() . '/search.' . SITE_CONFIG_PAGE_EXTENSION); } However it still redirects to the account_home page. Not a...
  2. ddeubel

    Remove file type in file name

    I hope someone can point me to where in the code I can remove the file type from showing in the file name? Thanks in advance. DD
  3. ddeubel

    Set all files back to one type

    What is the easiest way to set all files back to one paywall. Example: Set all files as Paid? Go into the server database or is there an easier way?
  4. ddeubel

    Discount Code

    I have the script up and running with some basic customizations. I'd like a very simple solution for adding a discount code for payments through Stripe or Paypal. User puts in the code, clicks to pay and the price is adjusted X%. That's all I need. In admin you set up the discount code...
  5. ddeubel

    Saved files are duplicated and added to main directory

    Is this a glitch or am I missing some setting? When registered users save a file, it is added to their file directory as a duplicate, upload. It has a new, unique URL. It also is added to the main public directory. How do I stop this. I'd like the file to be saved to a user's File Manager...
  6. ddeubel

    Setting up Stripe

    I'm setting up the Stripe plugin and get an error - not a valid URL when adding the url shown as a webhook. Can someone help me out and offer any tips for getting Stripe transactions for the 5 subscriptions working...
  7. ddeubel

    Complete remove deleted files from file manager

    I am looking for how you remove and clear all deleted files from the file manager. I've set the settings to remove completely all deleted files from the server but file names for deleted keep appearing in the file manager. Any way to empty all trash and deleted files in the file manager and...
  8. ddeubel

    Amazon S3 plugin

    I have a bucket with 1,000s of PDFs. If I use the plugin, will it automatically populate the site with the pdfs for users to download from the Amazon bucket? I understand you upload files and then they are put on Amazon. But does the reverse work. Upload to Amazon bucket and the...