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    help me... how fixed the category

    how to fixed the category? i can do it but some problem when click on other link (browse) then hide the category and custom text preview. i want to all time fixed it like --------------------"" thank you [email protected]
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    Support help me .........

    i want to some change of my website 1) do not download direct. open site > choose category / browse or not >click on the more details button > the the user download the font download button not showing on 1st page
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    Database Error:

    Database Error: Failed connecting to the database with the supplied connection details. Please check the details are correct and your MySQL user has permissions to access this database. (host: localhost, user: freefont_sitedb, pass: ********) I change my hosting server for the previous problem...
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    Some Font are not showing..............

    hi A problem appear some font are not showing. it is start from just 2 days. But all time a single font not showing. 1st time visit the site "a" font not showing then 2nd time reload the site the "b" font not showing then 3rd time reload the site the "c" font not showing then 4th time...
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    Delete the download-queue button

    1) Delete the download-queue button form every where. 2)delete the download button from the font page, and change the name of "more detail" (button) to Download. but when click on the download button(which is before more detail button) open the next page (which is open after clicking the "more...
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    Font Categories

    I'm interested how can we have allways opened font categories. Example, i dont wont to click and open font categories i want allways to have opened, and maybe on click to close. Is this possible?