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    invite another image hosting script user to share gallery with him/her

    I would like to have ability to "invite" via his/her username or email another user to share my albums since current options are: Public limited - which is not really limited - see my post here: Public - which is OK for some situations Private...
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    generate proper hashed folder URL for public sharing

    I want to have for next release generated hashed folder URL for public sharing. If trying: ... He or she will eventually get access to all the publicly available folders (albums). I suggest that every time you...
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    replace username with email

    I'd like to have removed username and have it replaced with email address as I noticed a lot of ppl just can't remember their account username and I keep getting emails from them.
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    video plugin test

    Hi, I wanted to test out the video plugin though it seems that the test server is either capped or extremely slow. It seems to be laggy but I think the problem is with the the server not the player itself (huge, huge improvement!)... Could you please admin offer an alternative server or any one...
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    version 3.3 technical & new features questions

    Hi Adam, first of all - please allow me to thank you for continually working on script upgrades - I'm very pleased and I'd be happy to renew my support subscription. I plan to upgrade to latest version (3.3) though as I have custom theme and it costs me a bit more to do it I have a few...
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    remote storage - buffering on local drive?

    Hi, I was wondering when remote storage is used - does it buffer the download (upload) on local harddrive? Or is it stored in RAM? Thanks
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    Any way to make upload processed at different sub-domain?

    Hi, I was wondering if there was any way how to make upload processed at different sub-domain ie. I was using CloudFlare to improve my site performance but they set a limit on file upload to 100MB so it's no longer usable. Thanks for any input. Btw. Downloads were not...
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    cancel ongoing upload

    Hi, I would appreciate ability to cancel ongoing upload, currently the only way user might think of is to click elsewhere (ie site logo or faq section) but I think a "cancel" button when upload is in progress would be nice.
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    ability to disable PayPal

    Hi, as my PayPal account has been limited and I would not be able to meet PayPal requirement to be fully re-established (they require administrator access to the site which I would not give them in hell). Is there any way how to disable PayPal from appearing on the site at all? As temporary...
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    Looking for a graphics designer

    Hi! I'm looking for a graphics designer who can enhance/change the looks of the default theme (as seen for example here: ) Please PM me or post here contact with: - example of your previous works (provide a link or screenshot at least) - approximate price range, specify if...
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    add registered (free) user class

    Hi, I think it might be a good idea to add a registered user class so it might look like this: user without any account: 1 minute waiting 50kB/s download speed 10 MB max file upload file kept for 3 days user with free account: 30 seconds waiting 100kB/s download speed 50 MB max file upload file...
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    Link to file with translation

    Hi, I was wondering - is it possible to direct visitor to a specific translation of the website? Ie. if I give them this link: is it possible to send them to the French or Italian version directly? (as it example site has in offer) Visitors can obviously...
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    Manage Translations doesn't work properly

    Hi, I wanted to translate the interface to another language using the in-build "Manage Translations" tool, unfortunately as I moved to page number 2 and I updated the translation I'm automatically moved back to the page #1 which is very annoying considering I have 8 pages to go. Can this be...
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    Bitcoin as a refugee payment method

    I would kindly ask to add support for Bitcoin payment through a plugin - it is the only payment gateway which withstands assaults from bogus DMCA claims. Sooner or later every CreditCard processing gateway closed its door, PayPal is out of question - they even have in their conditions that...
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    Mediaplayer Plugin - user experience has to be improved

    Hi, I seriously considered MediaPlayer Plugin unfortunately the experience is no way near what YouTube or Vimeo has to offer. Probably the worst thing was that the full screen wasn't really full screen and when I switched to this "sort of full screen" I was absolutely unable to return back to...
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    please remove agree terms "tick"

    Hi, could you please remove agree terms "tick" in step 2? I noticed that some users simply didn't notice it and thus were not able to use the service. I think some note such as: By clicking GO you agree to to our (url)terms(/url). Located below the input box would be quite sufficient... Thanks...
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    automatically move files to archive server

    Hi, as the script already has support for remote storage - is it possible to add functionality to automatically move files to an archive server as they are old (or not so much downloaded anymore)? It would help bear the server cost on the main server where the script is hosted which is usually...
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    FTP upload (to easy enable files over 2GB)

    Hi, as I asked here: I could use uploading files over 2GBl; while compiling from source modified PHP/Apache build is not an option for me. Maybe FTP can be the solution - is it possible to add FTP upload supprt to this script? (at least for...
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    How to upload files over 2GB (Apache, PHP5)

    Hi, does anyone know how to set this script and the server side to allow uploading files larger than 2GB? I know that I have to have supported browser (Safari, Opera, Chrome, to my surprise it doesn't work with Firefox or IE) Thanks for any input.