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    File manager change

    Hello is it possible to make change in File manager list so it makes easier to users to copy links. Filename (make this directly file URL. instead of sub menu) | EDIT | DELETE |STATUS | DATE/TIME Also when are you releasing new reward plugin?
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    Rewards plugin change

    Hi Adam, if you can please consider following changes. I'm sure other users are also like them Current reward plugin is very basic level, once site grows more it needs more advance option 1. Multi count for same ip. ( we discussed it you said you might remove it in next update. But it's...
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    Reward plugin bug

    Hi Adam, I am not fully sure that its a bug or any error in installation. but i am facing very strange issue. I have not made any cusome changes in script. I found that while watching video in Safari, it counts random video views. Normally if i watch video once it should show 1 in video...
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    Rewards Plugin update.

    Hi Adam, Can you please add following features in plugin. 1. Adding weekly payments / Twice a month feature. 2. Adding / editing users balance. 3. Adding payment details, in client area. 4. I dont know if i am the only one having issues. I have created test account and yesterday i...