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    Cannot switch from private to public - folder privacy

    Hello, I have a sure and a folder in the user profile (registered, not temp account) with privacy status - Private. The problem is that it cannot be changed to Public. The drop-down menu is locked. If you try to modify the file or folder as public as admin user, the options are there but when I...
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    Account keeps automatically switching to Disabled

    I have few accounts that if I manually switch to Active, on the next day they are switch back to disable. The users are using them through the day until next day when they are with status Disabled? I cannot find where the logic is controlled or why active account that is being in use the...
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    Error: Failed getting file contents

    Hello, I am having the following problem. When user try to download all files (zip file), after confirming to the warning that it might going to take some time, there is an error: Found 4 files. - Getting 20170211_003604.mp4 (108.59 MB) ... Error: Failed getting file contents...