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    problem cookie

    hello I would raise a problem you think you have to put the message that the site stores cookies is required for any site accesible in europe thank you
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    .vtt jwplayer

    hellos someone is to generate the atv file jwplayer example below
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    payment paypal

    hello how to pay by paypal system for its subscribe subscription to the person for each me as much background service
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    error remote uptobox

    hello i have error with plugin fileech and uptobox for remote look please Error: plowdown: unknown command-line option -a
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    plugin ftp proftpd

    you have error in sql.conf ligne 24 look my screen correct is SQLNamedQuery updatecount UPDATE "count=count+1, accessed=now() WHERE user_id='%u'" plugin_ftp_proftpd_user "plugin_ftp_proftpd_user" and no plugin_ftp_proftpd_f$
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    plugin antivirus

    hello I would antivirus plugin that might even work with clamav so if detected a virus and clears it removes the link I constantly upload virus
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    plugin torrent in debian

    hello i problem with plugin look my ssh install I tested ip: 8080 or its told inaccessible page I do not think its either installed
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    plugin reward

    hello you could add a button instead of requiring the repayment of the money can be converted into premium days
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    MediaConverter plugin

    hello I wonder if you intend to change or make a plugin to also encode 720P thank you this is important
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    encode the same video twice

    hello I want to know you will change the site to not encode the same video twice? you can keep the md5 value of the video and compared and if the encoder was already one just puts a date in the database given in mp4
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    probléme connexion

    why removed with this code in auth.class.php I uncommented my members stay connected and you can not control ip session so not even I go through cloudflare
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    social plugin

    hellos your social plugin has a problem the connection on facebook its very very slow my members complain that time its takes for this connect with facebook
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    problem fileleech

    I have a problem with the remote url fileech its market by yet more admin its market but a premium account or free her wants more
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    connection problem

    I have a problem when a member logs it will not on his account for a while it is still connected but when sending files to a sound file assigned ip but not at his username
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    bug after deletion

    hello I noticed a bug when I send the s2 server if I delete the file after everything crashes I even have deleted the core file by winscp as root because the ftp blocked me and I return the folder and all works again again all my file was put there on purpose by chmod 777
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    bug free user upload file

    there is a bug with multiple server if you be free and added file in the file is not the ip id member so he can see what is file
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    I do not know if I did something bad I followed the tutorial here but nothing to do if I turn the xsendfile download or video no longer works
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    Choose to encode video on upload or not

    it is possible to have a button on the upload to choose whether we want our video to be encoded or not for people who want to give a download? example button on or off encoding video
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    error plugin

    hello can not download filezise = 0 YSM Link Checker v4.0 Beta YSM News & Top Files v4.0 Beta YSM Voucher Plugin v4.0 Beta
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    problem plugin imageviwer

    my site hello I have a problem and no errors indicated the plugin imageviwer bug