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    Screenshot for Media Convertor

    What is the version of mediaconverter for using it ?
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    Error: Could not upload to direct file server

    Well this is happens to me last week, I just reboot the server and clear all cache and the errors is gone
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    Yetishare 4.4 Release Date

    Great news !!!
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    Scaling Super-Thread

    You right, on my website it's doesn't buffers too. It's only buffers few seconds upward and it stop until it reached the buffers point, and get buffers again. I am using videojs as a player btw
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    Disable Captcha in Media Download Page

    bosnya indoshares nih yee :lol: kagak tau juga gue bang, hehehe
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    help cloudflare with YetiShare

    So maybe my website luck, I didn't touch any max upload on the server, but it still can upload big file. And no fail, video file no fail
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    help cloudflare with YetiShare

    I use Cloudflare with EasyEngine on my server. Cloudflare max upload does nothing. I still can upload file up to 4GB
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    Multiple Drive Local Server Storage - Yetishare

    Here is the link, but using hetzner
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    Recommend Hosting Providers - Who do you use?

    "Billing" Department customer support is very fast :D
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    The value of plugin_tasks.cron.php

    Hello, Anybody know how much i set up the cron for this ? Thanks
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    Multiple Drive Local Server Storage - Yetishare

    Why you don't create LVM so all of them combine into one = 8x4 = 32TB. Btw where you buy this server?
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    Error when try to upload files

    I have same issues like this. But when I migrate from Vesta Panel to EasyEngine the issue is solved. But there is any other bug. When user has logged in and download the file, the file size is always 3MB Do you have any suggestion Adam ?
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    need to change your link and remove html?

    Hahaaa Nginx rewrite is very difficult for me :lol:
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    Loading thumbnails

    I think it will be ok if the thumbnail size is small. Never try the converter plugins :D For the load balancing, you can PM donnywahyudi874705 to talk about it
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    Recommend advertisement alternatives

    What about ad-maven ? anyone using it ? I got an email from their AM
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    Error: Maximum number of files exceeded

    I think the blue the is not to be maintaned anymore. Flow its more better
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    Yetishare flow theme homepage edit

    PM me, I can help
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    Blue Yetishare Theme

    very nice and clean bella